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2012 in review

So the last day of the year has come at last. I would say a long last, but that would imply that 2012 was longer than any other year before it, which would be incorrect as it is a measure of time.  And as it usual there is some sort of countdown of events. In […]

Weekend Roundup: December 23-29

  Tweet of the Day: So We Write About Who We Are and Why That Matters  —— The last week of the year, although this is not the “Year in Review” post, that one will be done properly, on the 31st.  Still, the space between Xmas and New Years brings back memories, past wishes and […]

Xmas Story: A Side Project

Tweet of the Day: Merry Christmas, everyone! ——- Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays everybody! As is it my wont this time of year I write a few holiday themed short stories for my ever supportive audience.  I would have written more, but alas. So let us see what Santa left under the tree, shall we? […]

TV Tropes Monday: Winter Royal Lady

Tweet of the Day: I’m Mary: A Christmas Eve Anti-Nativity Story ——– This post was brought to you by the letter E, for Eve and C for Christmas. Now for today’s post. Due to recent major malfunctions in my previous computing device I skipped a few of these but now it is back to get into the […]

Snow Drifts By

Tweet of the Day: An English City at Christmas Time ——- It took twenty years before I saw my first snowflake. True story. I kid you not. No, really…stop looking me like that! I know that’s the only face you have, but still…. Fine, I’ll tell you the story. Short version: exchange student in New […]

Weekend Roundup: December 16 – 22

  Tweet of the Day: Ministry of Silly Names ——- Not much to write about since I was mostly absent this past couple of weeks on account of a major computer malfunction. When the motherboard decides to go, it takes everything with it. Ouch! But I’m back, sort of, with a Frankenstein machine of sorts ready to […]

Space for Rent: Gun Culture

Tweet of the Day: More from Manguel: Language and the Limits of the Imagination  WARNING: This is a rant. An unapologetic rant. A political rant. Feel free to disregard and move on. Still here? Okay then…. It seems the world didn’t end today, but then again, the day ain’t over yet. But the world did end for […]

Five Years of Telling Sucky Stories

Tweet of the Day: Crouching Terrier, Hidden Kitty ——- Yeah, WordPress has just informed me that I have spent the last five years posting misspelled posts, stories, opinion pieces and the like. Five years! Wow! And then world ends tumor, go figure! Stay safe, and Happy Holidays to all of you who have come along […]

There and Back Again….

Well, I finally managed to secure a new machine so blogging should restart shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Weekend Roundup: December 2 – 8 + Another NO KISS BLOGFEST

  Tweet of the Day: Winter Tales: keeping the dark at bay ——– Another weird week. First the schedule has gone to hell in a hand basket. Sappy Xmas stories on Sunday’s, no regular updates, a tale of cute woe marking the end of the world and call to burn the house down. Plus my […]