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TV Tropes Monday: Draco in Leather Pants

      Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 9.20: Creator vs. Creation ——- Let’s say that you pick a book. It came glowing recommendations from your friends, a must read, ten out ten. You read it. It turns out to be a good book. Solid plot, good characters, great setting, a story right up […]

Jumping to Conclusions

Tweet of the Day: “Ambassador” ——– About a week ago certain sectors of the internet exploded with the news that J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series (among other books) “regretted” pairing Hermione Granger with Ron Weasley. It smelled fishy to me. Very fishy. While everyone else ran around saying either, “Oh noes!” or […]

Weekend Roundup: January 22-28 + HP Fic

Tweet of the Day: Faking Lesbianism in Pop Culture and Patriarchal Bargains ——- Interesting week this was. Both serials are on solid ground after something of a shaky start. I like the fact that I have a female MC in Wizards’ World War. I’m starting to like Gwen, a lot! Hope my readers feel the […]

Harry Potter: The Day After

Tweet of the Day: How to Write Convincing Strong and Silent Types ——– Another HP fic for you. As the title suggest this one takes place the day after the Battle of Hogwarts (End of Book Seven). We find our hero, Harry, asleep in Gryffindor’s tower boys dormitory…. ——– “harry…Harry? Harry!” The familiar voice shattered […]

Harry Potter: A Very Weasley Christmas

Tweet of the Day: Weather Thesaurus Entry: Falling Star ——- I always believed that you should wait until December before you start decorating trees and put the carols on endless repeat on the music player. Guess what, today is December 1st. Happy Holidays! Of course, as long time readers of this blog know, I have […]

Weekend Roundup: October 9-15

Tweet of the Day: back! maybe! ——- Pardon the dust, doing a bit of Autumn cleaning. Started with a new About Me page covering some questions you may have about the blog and little old me. More changes are on the way, including new tabs for recently posted serials and an easy guide to the […]

Harry Potter: “Toujours Pur”

Tweet of the Day: Weather Thesaurus Entry: Dusk ——– Five years and three hours into the day the War had come to an end. The day the Dark Lord fell. Nine young witches and wizards made their way through the darkened forest. Behind them  the castle slept after the ruckus of a Champion’s victory.  The […]