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TV Tropes Monday: Humans Are Psychic in the Future

“Man, I have this cool sci-fi setting with spaceships, laser swords, pirates, zappy ray guns, and a gal that can hurl fireballs.” “What?” “Yeah, fireballs. She controls fire and stuff….” “But this is science fiction, not fantasy. She sounds like a wizard.” “She is not.” “Kinda is.” “She is a pyromancer.” “Still sounds like magic.” […]

TV Tropes Monday: Absurdly Spacious Sewer

  Tweet of the Day: On Light Novels Absurdly Spacious Sewers are everywhere in fiction, from action adventure movies to the latest video games. There are many reasons for this such as a need for a mysterious location within the city, a fast travel covert network, a place for the unwanted of a community to […]

TV Tropes Monday: New Neo City

TV Tropes Monday: New Neo City

  Tweet of the Day:  A Spell for You   Your colony ship lands in a virgin world and your crew is ready to create the first settlement upon it. But what should you call it? Do you name it after the leader of your star nation? Perhaps use the name of your significant other? […]

TV Tropes Monday: Hegemonic Empire

  Tweet of the Day: The Adult Appeal in Young Adult  The Hegemonic Empire is one that rules indirectly, through what many call, “Soft Power“. There are three reasons why an empire might chose to rule this way: Cultural/Historical: The empire rose from rebellion from another empire or has as guiding principles the ideas of […]

TV Tropes Monday: Academy of Adventure

    Tweet of the Day: Research with Google Streetview  You heard of the the City of Adventure? The welcome to the Academy of Adventure. Now with more teen angst, heavier course schedule, and parents that simply do not understand why you have to fight monsters between classes! This setting is popular with YA novels and […]

Genre in a Shoebox

    Tweet of the Day: Bustin’ Makes Boys Feel Sad- Why Ghostbusters is So Hated  As I delved deep insight a dwemer (dwarves in The Elder Scrolls games) ruin in Skyrim, I remember how much I loved exploring the halls full of steam pipes, robots and weird techo-magical devices. Which is weird because the […]

TV Tropes Monday: Alien Geometries

    Tweet of the Day: Book Review- Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz ——- Want to freak out your audience? Throw them in a room where the walls close on them, the angles are just wrong somehow and add the the term, “non-euclidean geometries” into the mix. Welcome to Alien Geometries, where everybody enters by no […]

Tales of the Sanctuary: The Four Lions

Tweet of the Day: Three Things: Things to Read ——- Sign Posted at the Door of the Four Lions Tea House We are always open, day or night, rain or shine. If you want service, ask for Shana. All of our girls are named Shana. Politeness gets you served, rudeness gets you kicked out the […]

TV Tropes Monday: City of Adventure

    Tweet of the Day: Mediocre Confidence ——- Some stories take the protagonist on the road. They wander the world or universe. They right wrong, fight monsters and commiserate  over their lost love, sometimes they do all three at the same time. A story set in the City of Adventure is not that kind […]

TV Tropes Monday: The Remnant

  Tweet of the Day: Men Explain Lolita to Me ——- You say you want a revolution, eh? Well revolutions are messy specially the bloody ones and cleaning up afterward is a chore than nobody wants. From the scraps of battle comes The Remnant, the holdouts that spawn from the ranks of the defeated side. […]