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And Back Again

Tweet of the Day: In Other News ——– Well, the break is over. I know, I know, I said I would take the whole month, but considering how the month went so far, and that my only posting (besides obligatory blog chain) went something like this: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Not a single letter written on my WiP. […]

TV Tropes Monday: First Girl Wins

Tweet of the Day: “How Could We Know Joy?” ——– This is a sister trope to among others Victorious Childhood Friend. It need not be a friend from childhood (although it is not uncommon), but the girl (as stand in for romantic other) must come have come first in some way, usually chronologically. And to […]

Weekend Roundup: January 29- February 4

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 7.5: Sensory Writing ——– One moths ends while another begins. February comes with cold winds, fluttery frozen flowers and sickening little heart shapes. Yes, the card maker’s favorite time of the year (outside your birthday) has come at last. And a leap year to boot! So I kick off […]

Necessary Heroes

Tweet of the Day: Before you press send, press hold! ——– Issue No.1 ——– This is a preview of my new serial which I’ll put on the Wednesday slot after the the end of Wizards’ World War current run.  Yes, WWW is reaching its season finale and like an incipient TV exec, I can’t help […]

Just One of those Days

  Tweet of the Day: The Naming Game ——- Today I planed to post a flash fiction piece based on this challenge: Songwriter’s Story Challenge: Pick a song you like. Write a story based on, about or inspired by the song/lyrics. A link to the song itself (lyrics or youtube video) would help. Post it […]

Urban Fantasy: The Hunter

Tweet of the Day: Antagonist – The Alpha and the Omega of the Story ——- The Hunter is the common lead in Urban Fantasy stories. He/She  is tasked with fighting the supernatural evil that lurks in the night(mares). They come in several flavors: The Chosen One: Also know as the Buffy. This individual has the […]

Short Story Fridays: The Gate P.5- All Along the Watchtower

Tweet of the Day: Getting from notebook to novel- #2 —– Part 1 Part 5     Part 8  Part 12a Part 12b Aftermath Part 2 Part 6a  Part 9   Part 3 Part 6b Part 10 Part 4 Part 7   Part 11 —– -Unit 03 Status: Online. -Time: 0457 hrs -Location: Level 01, Arcology Ground Floor, 65 […]

March Blog Chain: Secondary Characters

Tweet of the Day: A Vlog about World Building Using Maps! —– Okay, time to get this party started. Today is the start of a new Blog Chain which goes something like this: ‘Tis time for another blog chain. This month’s theme is Surprising Secondary Characters. Write about a secondary character that surprise you in […]

Moving Things Around

The new year means new projects, and old ones as well. Right now I’m looking at my second novel and ways to fix it. Essentially it still in it’s NaNo form, that is, too short, too thin, too mess up. I did finish it, but looking back, the added material feels tacked on after the […]

Show Don’t Tell-Now I Get It!

  Show Don’t Tell! The first piece of advice many a newbie writer receives. But what does it mean? Am I not telling a story? Is not that. It is more of describing (i.e. showing)  the action instead of telling the reader X happened to Y. Of course you always run the risk in drowning […]