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Meet the Newest NaNo Winner: ME!

That’s right! I just crossed the finished line with 50,019 words. I have to confess that I did cheat a bit (just a bit!). I did the old “pad the manuscript with song lyrics” trick. Underhanded I know. But these where not random lyrics. Mine fit the story. Of course this is my first time […]

To all of you who have encouraged me to go on

You know who you are:

Just 8 Days Left of NaNo: Bummer!

That’s right. Only 8 days left and I haven’t even reached 30,000 words. It is still possible that I could reach 50,000 by Sunday at midnight , if I write about 4,000 words a day for the next 6 days straight. That is a big if. I have the story, long enough for at least […]

Here, There and Back Again

I feel just like that. Reminds me of my Boy Scout days. The Boys Scouts are like British Colonial Infantry Regiments, without the rifles. We did a lot of walking, marching, running back in the day.  When you walk long distances there comes a time between your feet going on automatic and total collapse where […]

Three Weeks into NaNo

Spent the last 24 hours or so in front of the computer, writing the longest chapter in my novel so far. 14 pages, 6,000 words. Still somewhat behind on the word count (only 46.2% with 13 days left), but no worries, I’ll finish what I started, hopefully within the allotted time. Now I am recharging […]

First Week of NaNo Down, Three More to Go

Oh boy! Knee deep into Nano. Feeling the pressure as I lag behind in the word count. Haven’t cracked 10,000 words yet. But I like the story I’m writing (although I feel it is a bit dry, but its only a first draft after all). Of course this means that Neither Here nor There is […]