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Spreadsheet Madness

A dog sitting on a bar stool is kind of crazy. Me using spreadsheets to organize my characters in RoE, now that is insane. I like to blame Amy for this little jaunt to the insane asylum.  I can barely use Excel and yet here I am, filling out cells, well, like crazy! When one […]

No NaNo This Year

And I won’t be as cool as all my fellow scribes who are counting the days to NaNo 2010. A few reasons why: RoE (Part 1) is in full bloom. I’m writing, organizing and generally trying to give birth to this bad boy. I think I’m half way through but won’t know until later on. […]

Everything is Alright!

  I’m happy to report that everything is alright! Yeah, no complaints, no regrets, no nay saying, things are just dandy. Yes, the first draft is a bit dodgy in places, but that’s what first drafts are for. I’m actually writing. The words are flowing, the thoughts are pouring, the ideas are going. Yeah, that […]

My Main Character is an A-Hole:A Query Pitch in Progess

Michael, the MC in my first book is self confident to the point of arrogance. There, I said it. I still like him. Why? I mean arrogance is not a trait many people like to put up with arrogant jerks in real life, let alone in their fiction. Of course, Michael is clever enough not […]

The Unities and The Short Story

I’ve read a few comments on this blog and in other places about authors that say they can’t write good flash fiction (the shortest form of the short story). Flash fiction (anything from a few sentence to 1K-2K words) is seen as a new phenomenon in modern fiction, especially with the rise of online anthologies […]

Blind Alleys and Dead Ends

Being a write-by-the-seat-of-your-pants (breath, OK) type of write is great, but it does have one tiny little problem. You tend to miss a few exit signs along the way. You’re pounding the keyboard (or pressing pen to paper) and then something happens. A “wait a minute, this doesn’t make sense” kind of thing. You don’t […]

Choppy Waters

So far RoE is going well, especially after the headaches earlier in the year. But it would not be worthy of a blog post if I had nothing to complain about. So here it is. My writing is too choppy. Too many short scenes, too many jumps between POV characters. The story moves forward but […]