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I’m done. I’ve revised. I’ve rewriten. I’ve slaved and toiled. I am done! Sure, I can always tweak it, and come it for words ending in -ly or-ing or grammatical horrors lurking withing.  But barring a professional editor at a publishing house telling me that something needs to be changed, this is it. Final! The […]

Just Another Blogfest

I guess I’m addicted to them. This time it’s the “Let’s Talk” Blogfest, brought to you by Roni Griffin of the Fiction Groupie blog. Cut and Paste Instructions: So for this blogfest, the rules are simple: 1.  On Tuesday May 18, post a short excerpt on your blog of your most sparkly dialogue scene (no, I’m […]

Another Ear Worm of the Week

Well, the last post didn’t get a lot of traction. I guess if it isn’t short and sweet my reader’s don’t like it (hence the kitten above).  I don’t blame them, it is what it is. So unto today’s post, which will be incredibly short. I’m switching internet providers from” crappy “to “oh well, this […]

Behind the Headlines Blogfest: Abandon All Hope….

Sorry for the delay, although the Blogfest started yesterday, I didn’t want to risk losing this post to my unreliable, if not downright lousy internet connection. I’m working to fix that, but for now I got to work with what I have.  So, without much further ado, I present to you my entry into the […]

I don’t like writing prompts

My internet connection sucks! Good thing I’m switching companies, but it seems my current provider wants to poison the well before I leave their lousy service. Of course, since they got bought off by AT$T they might be hoping that the customers of the current service will switch to whatever service AT$T provides. Yeah, good […]

A Little Theory of Mine About Men and Women

OK, I admit it, I am bored. I should be writing and no blogging is not writing (raised eyebrow). Yet, I had this old (and perhaps sexist) idea bouncing in my mind for awhile. Hence the title. It goes something like this: a key difference between men and women is that men are possessive and […]