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Characters: Where You Come From?

  The one-scene-wonder. That’s who we are talking about. Sometimes you need to write a scene that expands or explains what is going on but doesn’t require the presence of characters higher up the character echelon.  It could be the victim of a murder, moments before he dies, or a late night guard watching the […]

Characters: Supporting Players

Hero Support…. Sidekick…. Those Two Guys…. Comedy Relief…. The Bratty Little Brother….. They are there to give a the hero a hand when he needs it.  They may get a day in the limelight, but the story ain’t about them. They are the Supporting Characters. Call them what you will, but these guys tend to […]

Characters: Enter the Principals

The other two-thirds of the Power Trio. The song-writer that keeps the band together and feeds the front man his lyrics. The hero of his own story. The one that the lamplight always strikes. Or the villainous antagonist that chews up the scenery. Not quite the main character, but important enough to be upgraded from […]

Characters: The Main Man

The Head Honcho, The Big Cheese, Numero Uno, The Boss, King of the Castle, Lord of his Domain, The Hero, Enter the Dragon, I mean the Main Character. He stands at the apex of the character pyramid.  He, she or it (yes it can be an it although difficult to pull off)  that lies at […]

This Week: Characters

  Sorry for the long silence. To be honest I had one of my “episodes” which meant I was semi-functional during the week. Also making some serious decisions about my writing in general and specifically what to do with the material I already accumulated (two and half novels and nearly a dozen short stories in […]

Open Beta

Everyone has inner demons. Anthony calls his Dad. Log line for Neither Here Nor There…. I here by announce that my first book is open for a second round of Betas. The first round did not go so well and I need a few brave volunteers to give it the old once over and tell […]

Looking for a new coffee house

I got kicked out of Borders yesterday. Thus ends my three year long patronage of the place. I put up with lousy half hour long waits for a cup of joe (I know it is not the girls fault that she is all alone behind the counter with no help and ten people waiting on […]

Dump that scene!

I was just thinking about how my current WIP has exploded with characters. I’m trying to reign them in, but so far they seem to follow the rules I laid down on this post with a few exceptions. But sometimes you just have to dump a scene (i.e. kill your darlings) because it doesn’t fit. […]

Show Don’t Tell-Now I Get It!

  Show Don’t Tell! The first piece of advice many a newbie writer receives. But what does it mean? Am I not telling a story? Is not that. It is more of describing (i.e. showing)  the action instead of telling the reader X happened to Y. Of course you always run the risk in drowning […]

The Rock

Second to last installment of what has become a more than year long short story. For the previous installment, follow this link. On to the story ———- Bobby, a name I hated but stuck, reached out to a lone cloud that hovered in an unusual  clear sky over London in November. Ginny curled into sleep,beside […]