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This short was meant, originally, to be the entry in the “Let’s Talk” Blogfest, but honestly, I didn’t feel like writing something new, so I cut and pasted an excerpt from my first novel. That went as well as it could be expected, considering I was #56 in the list of over 120 participants. Thanks […]

Earworm of the Week: The New Theme Song for My Novel

This week earworm invokes a deep sense of melancholy and reflects the realization that life, and those who you share your life with can vanish at any moment, which ironically, makes you appreciate them that much more. Also sudden loss lies at the heart of my first book, so it fits. BTW, if you haven’t […]

The “Let’s Talk” Blogfest: For The Love of Cereal

This excerpt from my first novel, Neither Here nor There…. is my entry in the “Let’s Talk” Blogfest. I hope it fulfills the requirements of a funny, if not sparkling, conversation.  Set in the parking lot of a English supermarket. Enjoy! —– Car loaded I was ready to go when I heard a crunching sound […]

And then the walls came tumbling down….

The Russian invasion of Georgia taught me what my local friends had always admonished—plans are illusions. -Sputnitsa Truer words…. This has been a weird week (and then some). First I rush my Mom to the hospital on Mother’s Day, then an aunt of ours also ends up in the hospital. After a hectic week of […]

Life: A Bitter Sweet Symphony

It rain last week you know, murky and wet all week. This week the sun shined through, and still does right now. A bitter irony considering what happened on Mother’s Day. We had a little get together on my Aunt’s place, just family, three generations worth. Kids played underfoot, parents talked about the weather, grandma […]

Rowling, Red Herrings and The Case for Ginny

Or not, as the case may be (sees Sput rushing by to grab the picture from the blog wall 😉 ). I’m taking a little break from writing (and I am working right now so my days are a bit full) which means my mind is free to wonder. Therefore it ended up on the […]