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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Assassination

Tweet of the Day: The Artifice of the Pocket Sundial ——– ——– Steiner-Satori Estate, 24km Southeast off Milgrom, Bekenstein, Boltzmann, Serpent Nebula, March 14, 2196 “Get down!” I pushed Mrs. Steiner to the ground. Autocannon rounds shattered the windows. Galeena erected a biotic barrier around us. It muffled the roar of the explosions that ripped […]

Breaking Radio Silence

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 7.48: Pixar Rules for Writing a Compelling Story ——- Posting has been twitchy of late. Lots of deadlines at the end of the month: ongoing series, an entry into an SFR anthology and some major changes to the current WiP. Talking of the WiP, I’m thinking that I […]

Wizards’ World War (s.3): Dispatch 6- Mobilization

Tweet of the Day: Tempted to Give up on Your Story? Don’t! ——– Seasons 1 & 2 – Season 3 Premier – Dispatch 5 – Dispatch 7 ——– ——– Salon doré, Palais de l’Élysée, Paris, France, 13 February, 11:02 hrs +1GMT The Director pressed a gauze against the side of his head.  Through the throbs […]

TV Tropes Monday: Plot Tumor

Tweet of the Day: Bring On The (Non) Kinck-Butt Sci-Fi Romance Heroines! ——– In the eternal quest to give stories the mythical “depth” everybody demands, writers often add, weave or pile on the subplots. They stem from Jenny’s dark years spent on the streets to Matt losing his mother at a young age. Or they […]

Weekend Roundup: November 18-24

Tweet of the Day: Women at Gaming Expos ——– It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Well, the best was okay and the worst wasn’t that bad so I’ll tale what I can get. Dad’s okay, just taking some meds for the nausea. The doc suspects that it is a […]

Space for Rent: This is Madness, No, THIS IS BLACK FRIDAY!!!!

Tweet of the Day: Ruthless Writing: Murder Your Darlings ——- “If all of your friends jumped over a cliff, would you jump after them?” asked the mother while standing in line. “No mom!” answered the child with a roll of the eyes. “Good,” said the mother, as she, and hundreds waited at midnight for the […]

On the Giving of Thanks

    Not much to report folks. Spent most of the day with my dad in the emergency room. Nothing serious, at least for now, he experience some wooziness and nausea. So no turkey for me on Turkey Day. It happens, you roll with it, carry on, etc. But just so you know that I […]