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Mass Effect/AEC-New Years



Tweet of the Day: Me, Him and Henrietta 

TRS Office Lobby,  Thompson-Ramos Security Tower, Milgrom, Bekenstein, Boltzmann System, Widow Nebula, December 31, 2195

Well wishers waved as I walked past. Near the dessert table Rodan mimicked fighter maneuvers with his hands to a crowd of excited pilots. Chambers clung to Giala’s arm as they walked around the giant Christmas tree in the center of the lobby. I ordered it be kept in place until Epiphany. In a dark corner, Oriana sat on Pasha’s lap, his long hair draped over the back of the chair. How he managed to cram all of it into his helmet must be a quarian state secret. Bryn and Jacob cut a rug to some old timey electro swing. I grabbed a bottle of the finest bubbly on my way to the executive elevator.

The doors closed behind me. Milgrom stretched beyond the elevator glass wall. Thousands crowded into Herschel square. .Gigantic holos dueled for the crowd attention with their version of the countdown to midnight amidst a barrage of commercials. The elevator arrived at the penthouse office suite. A cascade of city lights poured through the glass walls and illuminated the otherwise dark interior. A myriad shadows danced on the polished marble floor.

Miranda stepped from the shadows clad in a glittering short dress, “You almost missed it.”

I poured champagne into a pair of glasses, “I had certain obligations, guess to attend to. You know, the usual.”

She took one of the glasses, “Uh huh.”

The countdown started at….


She stepped closer.


I grabbed her by the waste.


She put her arms around my neck.


I pulled her closer.


Her eyes glittered.


I smiled.


She raked my hair with her fingers.


Our cheeks brushed.


Our lips met.





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Karla stretched her legs. Every step she took sent small spasms of pain through her joints. She felt every cramp through out her body as tense muscles sought release from hours spent withing the confines of power armor.  The constant threat of attack just made it worse. Endless days on the perimeter watching a tidal wave of hopeless humanity stream into the remains of the last functional star port in the continent. Abandoned trucks, cars, and bikes littered the tarmac alongside the remains of crashed shuttles downed by enemy fire.

The sounds of Christmas bells drew Karla’s attention. It came from the last opened shop in the terminal, a little coffee shop that served all manner of high calorie foods to the soldiers. Tech Sergeant Michael Hoff crammed a hot dog down his gullet while he ran to the hangar to repair another broken ship. Beside him Alicia Mateo, a civilian contractor, downed a sippy cup full of black tar coffee. God knows where she got either of those things. Snowflakes drifted down from the gray sky above.

At the opposite end of the tarmac refugees waited in long lines to board the ships that would take them away from everything they had ever owned or known. A little boy clutched a stuff rabbit with one arm while he clung to his father’s leg with the other.

Pvt. First Class Omato rushed to her side, “Captain, we have movement on the perimeter. Lots of movement.”

She look at her watch. It read 12/24/2234.

“Well, I guess this is the enemy’s way of saying Merry Xmas. Tell the rest of the squadron to saddle up.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Karla turned heel and headed back to the hangar and her battle armor to the beat exploding shells and Xmas bells.



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TV Tropes Monday: Academy of Adventure




Tweet of the Day: Research with Google Streetview 

You heard of the the City of Adventure? The welcome to the Academy of Adventure. Now with more teen angst, heavier course schedule, and parents that simply do not understand why you have to fight monsters between classes! This setting is popular with YA novels and japanese manga directed at teenagers/young adults. School is stressful enough with midterms, crushes, and demanding adults. Add a dash of the supernatural or otherworldly and away you go.

So if you want your teen drama with some explosions, goblins, and a dark portal to the beyond (or two) sign up to the Academy of Adventure today.

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TV Tropes Monday: A Nazi by Any Other Name


Tweet of the Day: Hype and its Consequences 

Yeah, you saw this one coming a mile away, oh gentle reader. Or maybe you didn’t which makes the horror you feel right now that much more tangible. Alas, we shall proceed with the Troping none the less by presenting A Nazi by Any Other Name. You know him, you hate him. You know his style, his rhetoric, his adoring crowds that fill stadiums. Of course, the number one problem of this trope is that it feels a tad too on the nose.

Until it doesn’t.

I mean the real problem with the Nazis was (and still is) that they were a flavor of fascism, one of many that swept Europe and lingered throughout the world until this day. And, of course, history repeats itself in part because people take cues from the past, just like the Nazis did (and many of those cues came from Britain and the U.S.).

Then you have old Godwin’s Law show up. Again, calling everyone a Nazi just misses the point, specially when the real thing shows up. When done well, this trope reminds us that the Past is Prologue.


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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Ancient Recording Awes Audiences



From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

September 10, 2197

Ancient Song Awes Audiences

By Joan Calder

TAYSERI WARD,THE CITADEL-  The asari singer Jiala Janios powerful performance of a recently translated song from the Lengk archives found in the Ybarra Cluster (see New Pre-Prothean Culture Discovered) brought the assembled audience to their feet. The 50,000 strong audience gave the performance a five minute standing ovation. The Larathos Intuition children’s choir joined Janios in the audio visual performance that included holographic imagery extracted from the archives. The story of the Lengk unfolded through the recreation of the journey of an ancient solar barge as it flew past the former civilization’s home worlds. The audience saw images of places, peoples and species extinct for over 400,000 years standard.

Jiala Janios will join Immu, the Lengk synthetic found in the ruins, in a tour across Citadel space.

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We Are Orcs


Tweet of the Day: Nine Adorable Pets in Space Illustrated 


She answered the insult with a swift stroke of her sword. The severed head left a bloody smear in the fresh snow. Gasha planted a foot on the prince’s corpse and bellowed to others, “Orc women are smart because orcs are smart. Orc women are strong because orcs are strong. Orc women have skills because orcs have skills. You can’t birth an orc without strength. You can’t teach orc without being smart. You can not survive as an orc without skill. We are these things because we are orcs.”

Lady Arana stepped forward, “Well said Lady Gasha.” She signaled to her entourage, “Take my brother, or what’s left of him, away.”


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TV Tropes Monday: Art Deco


Tweet of the Day: No One Should Feel Alone

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, defies this trope as:

Art Deco, also called style moderne , movement in the decorative arts and architecture that originated in the 1920s and developed into a major style in western Europe and the United States during the 1930s. Its name was derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, where the style was first exhibited. Art Deco design represented modernism turned into fashion. Its products included both individually crafted luxury items and mass-produced wares, but, in either case, the intention was to create a sleek and antitraditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication.

It is everything we think of the early 20th century in a neat package that contains: skyscrapers, aerodynamic design, black and white movies and the swing life. But it was more than that. It was escapism at its finest from a war to end all wars, an influenza epidemic that destroyed between 50 to 100 million lives and the racial strife that tore at the heart of Empires. It was the promise of that if you worked hard enough or had the right scheme  you too could join the ranks of the rich and famous. It was the dream of a fantastic future just around the corner while millions wallowed in the smoky grime inherent in the Industrial Revolution. Above all else it shouted an easy going control of all things, of the nature of life and man through the wonders of technology.

And while Art Deco seems a thing of the past, the ideas resurface time and time again from the Jet Age to the Information Age.

So let the good times roll before the world burns.



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