It’s official. I am a published author!


That’s right, my first speculative fiction anthology is available over at Amazon for Kindle devices (working on releasing it in other places as well), for just $.99.

Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089636XJ7

And thank you so very much to all of you who have supported me over the years with your kind words, encouragement, and meanigful critiques. This one is for you!

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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: 1 Trillion Illegal Downloads of CoT


From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

December  16, 2197

1 Trillion Illegal Downloads of CoT

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– Champions of the Terminus, the hit action-drama from Star Wolf Productions, became the first Extranet show to reach one trillion illegal downloads across the galaxy. This record was matched by over a billion downloads (as tracked by Rocket Media Enterprises) of the series soundtrack written and performed by none other than Sheryl Stone. While piracy has been seen by media conglomerates as a problem CoT’s showrunner Kiko Diaz said the following to ANN News:

This news merely highlights the popularity of Champions of the Terminus and that we have to find new ways to serve our audience. After all, media pirates are merely consumers we haven’t reach yet.

Diaz added that part of the reason why the show is so popular in the Terminus systems (where most of the illegal downloads originate) was that the episodes were not only made on location, but that the writing staff went to great lengths to research and respect local laws and traditions. He pointed to a recent episode titled “Shaandara” were the cast took refuge in a batarian community in the midst of a local festival that celebrated the sugar-rich tuber of the same name. While the episode was largely humorous, it did not make the locals the butt of the joke or turned into what Diaz called “a school day afternoon special about a vulnerable population”. Instead he highlighted his joy at exploring new ideas that come from the connection between cultures.


The mid-season finale of Champions of the Terminus is set to air in December 20, 2197.


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Shadowrun: Fetishes and Foci



Seattle, the Sprawl, the Metroplex, was a city.

And cities, cities have character.

Cities have history.

Cities, real ones, not the hallow constructs of corporate suburbia or that drek they fed you in the trids, live and breath.

The denizens make them, well, unique. The built the cities, they kept the cities, the infused the cities with life.  Folks like the barista that managed a tired smile as she handed me a double latte soykaf. Or the guy behind the counter at the convenience store that knew, that I knew, that he knew, that his 1-7 a.m. shift sucked and that I didn’t want to be there anymore than he did. It was the elderly couple in the corner of the capsule hotel that played Koi-Koi quietly until the wee hours of the morning, and gave me all the ins out of the metro system, what train led to where, which bus was best to take if you wanted to hit downtown in middle of the day.

Then you had the hidden places. They holes in the walls, the door most people ignored in that back alley that nobody knew about. The club so exclusive you wondered how it stayed opened and who really went there. Stefenaia was such a place. The worn red door creaked open to the touch. Inside a collection of old Christmas lights, thin veils that hanged from the ceiling, and the faded paint on the walls tinged everything in deep reds and blacks.

The proprietor, a tiny rotund matron with a pixie haircut for whom the shop was named spoke from behind a large ebony desk, “So you’re Adamaris kid, eh?”

“I was her apprentice, yes.”

“She still picks the handsome ones, doesn’t she,” cackled Stefenaia. “Well, any friend of Adamaris is at least an acquaintance of mine. So, wha da ya need?”

“I left L.A. in a hurry so, well I need the basics. Spell books, some fetishes, that sort of thing,” I said.  Twin yellow eyes stared at me from under a bed.

“Don’t mind Felix, he will warm up to ya soon enough. So ya needs the books and such. It’ll cost ya, you know.”

“I got the Nuyen.”

“Do ya? Well that is good, because, well, everything expensive as real coffee these days. So, are we thinking esoteric, scholarly, or street smart?”

I handed her a folded piece of paper.”Street smart,” I said without hesitation.

She read the list. “Need something to light up the bastards in the shadows, eh? Well, I have a few things that could help.  I got Foci-”

I interrupted her, “No.”

She raised an thick black eyebrow, “Don’t trust them?”

“Not my style.”

“Okay then, well maybe something like say this,” she opened a long box. Inside laid a long metal rod, covered in green runes.

“That will do.”

“So, you are into fetishes then. Now I know what to have them on stock. Any who, it will take me awhile to get these things together. You got a number a I can call.”

“I got a cell.”

“Good. One more thing, this city ain’t as crazy as L.A. certainly not as hot, buuut,” she held up a long bony finger, “The shadows here are colder, deeper, and nastier.”

I nodded and walked out into the rain.



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Shadowrun: And Now We Are Here….


I jammed a finger in my ear to block out the sounds of the PCH. The long distance charges on the pay phone ate at my patience. What I heard made it worse.

“Listen kid, this is just the way it is,” said the guttural voice on the other end.

“But I can help,” I said exasperated with the Old Man’s attitude.

“I don’t got time for this, ok? The Gunners should be there in a minute, so just go with them. You got me?”

“C’mon, you need me, Rocky.”

“Yeah kid, I need ya, alive. Don’t worry, once things get sorted out here, I’ll give ya a call.”

“Yeah, ok,” I said with a sigh. The sound of motorcycle engines drowned out Rocky’s response. “Looks like my ride is here.”

“Good. Those guys are solid. They owe me a few. But don’t take shit from them, ok?”

“Got it. Hey, how do I–” The staccatto sound of gunfire on the other end made my heart skip a beat, “Rocky? Rocky!”

Rocky shouted at the receiver, “Go, just go. And good luck!”

The line went dead.

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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Batarian Conclave on Khar’shan


ANN News Now

December 15, 2197

Batarian Conclave on Khar’shan

by David Rukil

ANN News Center, Vancouver – After a series of victories over Reaper remnant forces, the Batarian Assembly declared the majority of their home world, Khar’shan, to be under their control. They have called an summit of existing batarian factions to establish a new government for the batarian people. An spokesperson reiterated the assembly’s commitment to end caste system, with special emphasis on the total abolition of slavery. Other items on the agenda were: representative government, reparations (to former slaves and foreign governments), foreign policy, membership in the Citadel Council, and other related topics.

The conclave started on December 14 and will continue until the end of the year.

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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 14 (c.3): Confirmation


Office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance, Citadel Embassies, The Presidium, The Citadel, Widow System, Serpent Neubla, December 14, 2197

An image of a balding human, with a black eye and tattered business suit appeared on screen, “It was Cerberus. They were behind the assassination attempt,” said the man.

“What about Death’s Legion?” ask a voice from off camera.

“Them too,” said the former head of the Liberta’s Bureau of Finance, Johan Damacy, brother to late Lord Darcy Damacy, ruler of the Theocracy of Libertas.

I paused the recording. “Ladies, gentlemen and assorted others, this confirms what many of you have suspected for some time,” multiple stern faces of the assembled Spectres looked back at me through holo projectors and wall mounted screens, “Cerberus is back.  From this moment forward you at to give top priority to hunting down anything related to Cerberus, regardless of how vague or insignificant it may seem. This is an Omega Gamma class threat. You all know what is at stake. Last time we barely survived. It is time to take the fight to them.” The others nodded in agreement. I switched off the monitors and left the office.

Just outside the door waited one Jacqueline Vega, “Hey!”

“Hi Jack.”

“So, ready to hit Cerberus in the nuts?”

“How did you…oh yeah, Vega.”

“The big teddy bear can’t keep any secrets from me. Besides you are going to need more than just Miranda to wipe them out. Talking of which, where’s the Princess at?”

“She is back on Horizon,” I said

“Oh,” Jack glanced at the ground, “So she is finally doing it,” she flashed a wicked grin, “I hope your ready for what comes next.”

“I…well, what?”

“Oh god, she married a prude.”

“I’ll…you know what, it will be fine.”

“Of course, it’s the Princess we are talking about here. I just wish….”

“I’ll happen when you want it to happen, Jack. If not, well, you two will be fine,” I said.

She squinted at me, “How did you…goddamn Vega and his big mouth.”

“True, but he does care. That boy would take the express way to Hell and Back just for you, Jack.”

“Yeah, yeah, and he would do it with a grin plastered on stupid face. Anyway, I already talked to some of my old students. They are ready to go. You just say the word. Got it?”

“Will do,” I said.

As Jack left a call came in on my omni-tool, “Commander Thompson-Ramos?”


“This is Ashar Bakrik, Councilor Tevos assistant. She would like to see you in her office as soon as your available,” said the voice on the other end.

“I am on my way.”

The view from Councilor Tevos’ office was as expansive as it was breezy. An overhang cut a sharp shadow over the permanent artificial daylight that illuminated the Presidium. Tevos stood, alone in the middle of the space, “Commander Thompson-Ramos, thank you for coming.”

“Of course. What can I do for your Councilor?” I said.

She paced in front of her desk, “Considering the current situation what I am about to discuss may seem like a distraction from Cerberus, but it imperative to deal with this matter as soon as possible.”

“And what exactly is the matter, Councilor?”

“There has been a dark development in the Asari civil war, but one that may lead to its conclusion.”

“Which is?” I asked.

“A new player on the field, one that threatens both sides of the conflict, a former Justicar by the name of Phora. Her forces have killed five matriarchs in the last six months. In at least two cases the targeted matriarchs forces betrayed their mistresses and joined Phora’s army. And it is an army in every sense of the word, Commander. She already claims multiple colony worlds and at least a third of Thessia itself. I am hoping that we can build a permanent peace out of a temporary alliance. ” she said.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend, until my enemy is dead,” I said.

“That is a distinct possibility, but after a decade of fighting with little to show for it, even the most ardent among the matriarchs are exhausted, both politically and militarily.”

“That is all well and good, Councilor, but where exactly do I fit in all of this?”

“I need someone who has connections with some more important players and is not an asari. Your former associate, Galeena T’iala, is the granddaughter of Matriarch Celeene, the leader of a small faction of neutral matriarchs, and I believe you are also acquainted with Aria T’Loak.”

“What does Aria have to do with this?” I asked.

“The peace summit will be held in Omega.”


“We needed a well guarded place, outside of Citadel space controlled by an outside faction. Hence, Omega,” she said without a trace of irony in her voice.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“Indeed they do, Commander. The asari had been at war for ten long years. Millions perished during the invasion and many millions more have suffered since. If bringing these factions to Omega leads to a lasting peace, it is a risk we have to take. And need I remind you that if Cerberus is active today, that means the Reapers can not be far behind. We, all of us, will need every resource at our disposal to deal with the real threat. You’re job is to convince Matriarch Celeene to join the summit.”

“But I would need Galeena’s help and she is still Khar’shan,” I said.

“The situation in the batarian home world has stabilized and I have convinced Captain T’iala to join you in Agessia. Once you secured Celeene’s cooperation you will take her to Omega for the summit.”

“I see. Then I am off to Agessia.”

“Thank you Commander. With any luck this war will be over soon. May the Goddess watch over you.”



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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Rebels Capture Capital

ANN News Desk

From Alliance News HQ in Vancouver

December 11, 2197

Rebels Capture Capital 

By Iris Dunnigan

PROGRESS, THEOCRACY OF LIBERTAS – Twenty-four hours ago, a wave of attacks on several police stations and militia garrisons kicked off the final battle in the months long civil war in the human colony of Libertas. Multiple police commands defected to the rebels in the early hours of December 10, followed by intense street fighting across the the city of Progress. However, these events caught the rebel forces outside by surprise, as they were slow to respond to the events within the city’s limits. The first wave of rebel reinforcements came by air, but heavy anti-aircraft fire from neighborhoods controlled by loyalist prevent a second wave of reinforcements. Rebel forces attempted to move forces by land, but loyalist forces stationed in the perimeter sprung an ambush on the armored column as it passed through the outer line of berms. The loyalist destroyed several M29 Grizzlies before the attackers extricated themselves from the ambush.

It was not until the early afternoon of the 10th that rebel forces inside the city attacked a section of the barrier along the highway 19 that runs  from the city southwest in the direction of the Cain Fields industrial area. The defense collapsed after after forty-five minutes of intense attack from within and without. With the defenses breached along the southwest axis, a second column of armor, supported by attack gunships sped into the city and drove straight to the Capitol Sector, the center of the loyalist control of the colony. By nightfall the rebel claimed to have captured the Capitol Sector and declared the city secured although sporadic gunfire continued through out the night.

The new provisional government has pledged to sign the Systems Alliance charter as soon as possible and called on the Citadel Council to send peacekeeping forces as soon as available.


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Deleted Scenes from Mass Effect P.6


Game: Mass Effect 3

Location: Presidium Plaza, The Citadel

Romance Paragon Male Shep

Characters: Male Shepard (Colonist/Sole Survivor), Ashley Williams, Mrs. Williams, Sarah Williams.

Mrs. Williams and Sarah approach Ashley and Shepard’s table.

Mrs. Williams- Ashley.

Ashley gets up and greets her mother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Ashley- Momma, this is commander Shepard. Shepard, this is my mother.

Shepard- A pleasure to meet you Mrs. Williams.

Mrs. Williams- Quite. No Ashley if you and your sister would excuse us for a moment, I have something to discuss with the commander.

Ashley- But mom we are in the middle of….

Mrs. Williams- Don’t but mom me, Ash.

Ashley takes her sister by the hand and leads her to a spot near the cafe’s counter. Mrs. Williams clears her throat.

Mrs. Williams- I understand that you and my daughter have become reacquainted. Is that correct?

Shepard- We are taking it slow, ma’am.

Mrs. Williams- As slow as you did the last time, commander, before you died and left my daughter bereft only to come back allied with a terrorist organization?

Shepard- I was listed M.I.A. ma’am and as far as Cerberus is concerned I ended my relationship with them the moment they betrayed humanity.

Mrs. Williams- Don’t B.S. commander. Scuttlebutt is the life blood of an marine’s spouse. My youngest just lost her husband. Mine lasted a bit longer, but the weight of duty on his shoulders took him from us. And now I find out my beloved Ashley is….

Shepard- Ma’am I worked with Cerberus to stop the Collectors. Back then thousands of lives were a stake. Now, trillions. Ash is one the best marines I have ever served with and she will make for a damn fine Specter. I know about loss too…

Mrs. Williams- Mindoir.

Shepard- Yes.

Mrs. Williams- Those three are all I have left and I swear by all mighty God, the universe won’t take them away from me without fight.

Shepard- They’ll have to through me first, ma’am.

Mrs. Williams nods an leaves. Sarah walks by the table.

Sarah Williams- Ash was right, you still have a great ass.

Ash facepalms in the background.

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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Korhal Falls


ANN News Desk

From Alliance News HQ in Vancouver

November 22, 2197

Korhal Falls

By Iris Dunnigan

KORHAL, THEOCRACY OF LIBERTAS-  The city of Korhal fell to a coalition of resistance groups fighting the Theocracy after a grueling 87 hour long battle.  Under the cover of a torrential thunderstorm, teams of commandos took down several key positions throughout the city. The command structure of the Martyrs of Megiddo  (see: Civil War Engulfs Libertas) collapsed under the onslaught. Nevertheless it took nearly a week of fighting to secure the second largest city (pre-war population estimated at 1.09 million) on the planet. Estimates put the casualties at over 10 thousand. With the fall of Korhal, the way to the colonial capital now lays open.

Images from the aftermath proved charges made by the coalition of the Martyrs use of child soldiers (some as young as 9) to bolster their numbers. Some fighters described human wave attacks by said children on their positions.  Attempts to subdue them failed on multiple occasions. However, the coalition insisted that it instituted measures to rehabilitate those few taken captive.

While the Theocracy government denied any connection to the Martyrs of Megiddo, its representative accused the Systems Alliance Navy of providing direct military support to the rebels in the form of arms, communications, armor, and that Alliance special forces participated in the fighting. In turn, the Navy denies any direct involvement in the battle, although eyewitnesses observed what appeared to be orbital strikes on pro-government forces positions near the city. Our resident warfare expert explained that under the weather conditions at the time it would be difficult to distinguish between a orbital strike and a surface based artillery strike.

In a related news, Parliament  served a subpoena to the Board of Directors of Tiburon Rojo, an Earth based PMC that sent forces to Libertas in support of the Theocracy. Attached to the subpoena was an offer immunity that covered any and all testimony related to the events in question.




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Space for Rent: The Cultural Significance of Cyberpunk



Cyberpunk + Philosophy, sign me up!

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