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Space For Rent: Diversity is Good Storytelling

Tweet of the Day: A Review of Read Only Memories: A New Cyberpunk Adventure ——- Torgersen often notes in interviews that he’s been married to an African-American woman for 21 years, so “I don’t need some know-it-all to come lecture me about race stuff,” he tells me. Torgersen says the Hugos are beset by identity […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Hacking Attempts Discovered

Tweet of the Day: World Fantasy’s Harassment Non-Policy ——- From the ANN Extranet Security News Desk June 3, 2197 Hacking Attempts Discovered by Andrew Kobal MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– Further investigations into the recent DD0S (see: Massive DD0S attack roils extranet) attack on multiple extranet nodes revealed attempts to insert trojan VI to destroy or alter key […]

Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Massive DDoS Attack Roils the Extranet

Tweet of the Day: Book Club: “Sorcerer to the Crown” ——- From the ANN Extranet Security News Desk June 1, 2197 Massive DDoS Attack Roils the Extranet by Andrew Kobal MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– A massive distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) roiled multiple extranet providers across Citadel Space as well as the Terminus Systems. While such […]

TV Tropes Monday: The Fundamentalist

  Tweet of the Day: Episode 26- Get Urras back to Anarres ——– The Fundamentalist, the perfect card carrying villain, unyielding in its beliefs and willing to do anything to fulfill them. They make for implacable enemies that simply will not give up. A good way to justify hordes of goons throwing themselves at the […]

Mass Effect: Hive

Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: V ——- The walls of the narrow concrete corridor shook with the bark of shotgun blast and the growls of the pressing horde of Husks. “You know, I am having a great time here,” shouted Turtman between volleys of fire, “But we are running out of thermal clips here […]

TV Tropes Monday: Genghis Gambit

  Tweet of the Day: War in the Lands of Midnight ——– Diplomacy and offers of peace in our time are all well and good but nothing brings people together (at least temporarily) as a common enemy. But those are hard to find so sometimes you may have to create them. Enter the Genghis Gambit. […]

Lessons from the Aether: “The Star Wars” Comic Book and Learning from First Drafts

Tweet of the Day: Dead In Two Places: The Eleanor Story ——- This has been a long week. I won’t go into specifics, I’m really not in the mood, but lets just say that another bullet got dodged, but it was close. Which reminds me about the last comic book series I read, The Star […]

TV Tropes Monday: Taking You with Me

    Tweet of the Day: From the Palaces of St. Petersburg to Savage Mars ——- A character has run out of options except one. The one that if taken will surely kill them and their enemies. This is where the character says, “I’m Taking You with Me!” This trope is all about context. Depending […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Legal Brief 05-22-2197

Tweet of the Day: Oh The Agrro: When Characters Go Off Script ——– ANN News Desk From the Alliance News Network Legal Desk on the Citadel May 22, 2197 ANN News Legal Brief for 05-22-2197 by Antony McConnell PRESIDIUM, CITADEL– After preliminary legal maneuvering the trial of Alto Olsen (see: Operation Hammerfall Ends) begins on […]

Adventurer! Enough with the Running

    Tweet of the Day: On Writing – Finding One’s Voice ——– Goddammit run! And ran the Adventurer did, and ran some more, and kept with the running with an horde of burning skeletons at their back. The empty innards of said skeletons were lit by dark flames. Smoke poured out of their eternal […]