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Weekend Roundup: December 2 – 8 + Another NO KISS BLOGFEST


Tweet of the Day: Winter Tales: keeping the dark at bay


Another weird week. First the schedule has gone to hell in a hand basket. Sappy Xmas stories on Sunday’s, no regular updates, a tale of cute woe marking the end of the world and call to burn the house down. Plus my machine sputtered on Thursday, thought it died on me, came back to life later, but I think it was a warning shot.  I’ll have to tread lightly until I can figure out what went wrong. Time now to see what this week brought us:

Oh and before I forget:



GUYS! It’s the first Monday of December! Do you know what that means?

Time to announce….

The 4th Annual NO KISS Blogfest!


What: The No Kiss Blogfest! This is when you get to write a scene or post one from of your favorite books, movies, or TV shows that show the almost kiss— the rising, crushing, excruciating, longing, tension that comes  when two characters get oh-so-close to kissing that you can just feel it, want it, NEED it….and then…they don’t!
Every year this blog fest is the BEST! But let’s make this year the BEST! BEST! BEST!
And that’s how it’s done!

Ok, here are the details!

No Kiss Blogfest Jan 2, 2013! 

Things You Should Do To Prepare For The Ultimate Non-Kissage Festivities!

1) Sometime between now and Jan 2, 2013 write a post about the No Kiss Blogfest to let everyone know you are participating and that they should too. Why? Because it’s awesome! (Please link back)

2) Sign up for the No Kiss Blogfest by filling in the Mr. Linky below.  Because Mr. Linky is awesome.

3)Tweet about No Kiss Blogfest, using the hash tag: #nokissblogfest because #hashtagsareawesome

4) After you’ve recovered from New Years Eve, write a blog sharing your Almost Kiss, No Kiss Blogfest entry (either one from your WIP, one you just wrote, one from a book, movie or tv show, or even a really hot almost-kiss picture)and post on January 2, 2013!!! Because reading your posts are awesome! (Don’t forget to link back)

Get ready for the steamiest day of 2013! It’s going to rule!


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