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Mass Effect: Waiting

  Tweet of the Day: Writing: Writer’s Block ——– Four of pairs of eyes scanned multiple holo-screens in the dark. They displayed a panoply of intelligence reports from troops movements to market reports. At the center of this web of information sat the Commander. Nobody  under his command knew him by any other name. For […]

Wizards’ World War (s.4) – Dispatch 5: Yule

  Tweet of the Day: Merry (RAWR) Christmas —— Seasons 1, 2 & 3 – Season 4 Premiere – Dispatch 4 – 6 —— Somewhere deep in Jötunheimr I held aloft a single flame that kept both the night’s darkness. The cold wormed itself through every cranny of exposed skin. It tore away at our […]

Wizard’s World War (s.4)- Dispatch 4: The Ship of Fools

Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: Alien Nation ——- Season 1, 2 & 3 – Season 4 Premiere – Dispatch 3 – Dispatch 5 ——- On a  barge on the river Ífingr A single moment crystallized the madness of our mission to sever the alliance between the giants and our enemies. Thousands of baying, braying, […]

Mass Effect: Hive

Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: V ——- The walls of the narrow concrete corridor shook with the bark of shotgun blast and the growls of the pressing horde of Husks. “You know, I am having a great time here,” shouted Turtman between volleys of fire, “But we are running out of thermal clips here […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Legal Brief 05-22-2197

Tweet of the Day: Oh The Agrro: When Characters Go Off Script ——– ANN News Desk From the Alliance News Network Legal Desk on the Citadel May 22, 2197 ANN News Legal Brief for 05-22-2197 by Antony McConnell PRESIDIUM, CITADEL– After preliminary legal maneuvering the trial of Alto Olsen (see: Operation Hammerfall Ends) begins on […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 2 (c.3)- Thabisa

Tweet of the Day: The Dark Origins of Conjugal Visits ——- Parliamentary Conference Room 3, New Arcturus Station, Arcturus, Arcturus Stream, May 21, 2197 Chairman Thu Van Thieu slammed the gavel down,”We will take a fifteen minute break.” I went to a corner of the room to answer the dozens of messages on my omni-tool: […]

Adventurer! Master of Shadows

    Tweet of the Day: September’s Recommended Reads ——- The Adventurer pressed deeper into the cave complex. Where the hell is he? The answer came by way of a maddening cackle at the end of the long tunnel. The space opened up into a gallery of smooth rock walls. Broken pieces of stalactites littered […]