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The Minimalist Approach To Writing Descriptions

  I am not one for lyrical prose. In the past I tried to describe everything with loving detail and failed miserably. I would write, delete, write, delete and write some more, then delete again in sheer frustration. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it right. Then I decided to say “The hell […]

The 1k Words BlogFest: Frosted Memories

  Sorry for the delay. I had a rough weekend. My granddad died on Saturday and well, it is what it is. And now for my entry for the 1k Words BlogFest ———– Amy watched the snow drift by her window. She could see the ephemeral reflection of her face. It had what her Mom […]

Emotional Anchors

No cute pics this time around. I don’t feel like it. Emotional anchors, we all have them. But what are they? “They” are the people and things that, as the term suggest, anchor us to a place and/or state of mind. An old faded black and white picture. A favorite song. Love ones. “They” are […]

Following my own advice

On a recent post I suggested that you, gentle reader(s) and writer(s) take five characters out of one of your WIPs and write the first word that came to mind when you thought about that character. Janna took the idea and ran with it. Dozens of her readers followed. But I, well, I didn’t. What’s […]

Author’s Voice vs. Character’s Voice

  While defining an author’s overall voice can be tricky, it is a bit easier to do so with characters, if they stand on their own. But at times finding the daylight between the author and his characters can be difficult. It used to happen to me when I was younger that people would ask […]

Epic Win

OK, maybe not that epic, but I did win a blog award: Thanks to Carol from Random Thoughts for this award. The accompanying text explains what it is for: Please accept the ‘Creative Writer Award’ with no strings attached. You can post it within an awards page, sidebar, or new post; you can link it […]

Something about my voice

Snarky, And Foul, Not to mention too smart for my own good. Yeah, that’s my “voice” as best as I can describe it.  The first time someone told me I had a “strong voice”, I had no idea what they were talking about. And after doing some research I discovered that there are a lot […]

The 1K Words BlogFest

Yes, one thousand words, as in a picture is worth a thousand words. Or is it? That’s is the question and it is up you to answer it as part of the 1K Words BlogFest. Take a picture, any picture (preferably one you own or is in the public domain) and post it to your […]

A word for your character

Take the first five characters of your WIP and write beside the name the first word that comes to mind. “But I can’t reduce my wonderful, deep characters to a single word, I can’t, I just can’t. I refuse, I–” <SLAP!> “What was that for?” You needed to snap of out, so I slapped you. […]

Mining your research for ideas and inspiration

Get your finger out of your nose! That’s not what I meant. What I mean is that research can be more than just checking the facts, ma’am. Example #1: Names I am lousy with names. I write down one name  and then forget it. And I am lousy at coming up with names on the […]