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Space for Rent: The Nature of Fandom

Tweet of the Day: Fallout ——– Fans, fandom, yes that old troublesome thing that hangs over every creative sort. They are the measure of success. But success comes at a price. The artist claims his creations as his own. The fan does the same. The reality floats somewhere in the between. We are elated when […]

Xmas Came Early

Tweet of the Day: Why I Hate Love Triangles ——– It literally arrived on the mail! Don’t believe me, here I’ll show you. First we have two books by the most excellent Jim Butcher: Most fitting for a cool, rainy, “I think this is still the tropics,” kind of Christmas Eve. Followed by: Apologies for […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: The Written Word with Auramie J’Adala

Tweet of the Day: A Fascination With Vampires ——– ——– Mass Entertainment Broadcasting Studios, The Presidium, Citadel, July 5, 2196 Auramie J’Adala: Welcome to The Written Word, your weekly tour of the galactic literary scene, from fast pace action thrillers to classics from across Citadel space.This week I am happy to announce the long awaited […]

Space for Rent: The Space Between the Creator and the Audience

Tweet of the Day: The Pinnacle of Fanservice. A Citadel DLC Review. ——- Let us, yes you and I, engage in a simple exercise. Take a pamphlet or flyer, like the ones the hand out at the mall or stick under your car windshield. Then take a book from your collection, preferably a hard bound […]

TV Tropes Monday: Atlantis

Tweet of the Day: Walking the Ghosts ——- Want an ancient civilization with fantastic technology/magic/treasure that disappeared due to a world shaking catastrophe because of the hubris of Man. One word: Atlantis. You’re one stop shop for: ancient mysteries, all myths are true, human aliens, ancient astronauts, eldritch horrors and loopy philosophers looking for allegories […]

Space for Rent: The Fiction of the White Interpreter

Tweet of the Day: Oscar loves a white savior ——- Reading the article I linked to above (the Tweet of the Day) got me thinking that a) this is a writing blog and b) that not all tropes are good. That means that I should, once in awhile, write post related to writing in general. […]

Breaking Radio Silence

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 7.48: Pixar Rules for Writing a Compelling Story ——- Posting has been twitchy of late. Lots of deadlines at the end of the month: ongoing series, an entry into an SFR anthology and some major changes to the current WiP. Talking of the WiP, I’m thinking that I […]

Lessons for the Aether: National Novel Writing Month

Tweet of the Day: Designing from the Bones- Otherworld ——- A strange post today, for it is All Hollow’s Eve as well as the day before National Novel Writing Month. What makes it even weirder is that if there is a time and place to learn about writing and what it takes to be a […]

First Guest Blog Post

Tweet of the Day:  The Greek Gods: Zeus ——— I had a lovely chat with fellow SFR writer Diane Dooley the other day on Twitter although I can’t remember exactly what is it that we talked about, maybe something about sexuality on the page, or some such. Any who, I asked her, and she agreed […]

TV Tropes Monday: Status Quo is God

  Tweet of the Day: Thought of the Day ——- This is a phenomenon in long running series, be they TV, movies or books. Nothing ever changes. Let me repeat that: NOTHING! All hail Status Quo as God! A million script ideas are sacrificed at the altar of this uncaring god, for he keeps permutation, […]