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Harry Potter is in the building!

On the Music Player: Spiralling–Keane A while back I participated in a contest on Donna’s Bites blog (my entry is in the comment section under the name ralfast). Then she emailed me saying that I won and that the books were en route. Well they arrived today, Books 1-5 (UK adult paperbacks editions). I read […]

If only life came with a monster truck option

Good news…. I got the first of my Beta back! Bad news…. I got a cold! I find myself reading and rereading the assesment and while I can not find any fault in it, I do have to fight the urge to “defend” my work. I am grateful to the person who wrote it (a […]

I’m about to hit the panic button.

I just checked and it has been a month since I sent out my Betas and no answers. I’m beginning to freak out. Is not that long of a story. Could be so bad that people are having such a hard time reading it? God I hope not.

I’ll Tell You Why…I Write

First of all a few blog news: Congrats to WendyCinNYC on getting an agent! Go over to Writes in the City and congratulate her. NOW! I’ll wait…. OK, you’re back. Good…where was I. Oh yeah, Donna Duck has added a few new features to her review blog Bites. Wait…where are you going? Come back here, […]