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Weekend Roundup: October 23-29

Tweet of the Day: Death and Halloween ——- A pretty short week since I skipped Sunday and went right through to Monday. Also, lots of fan fics for some odd reason.  Expect at least one more before NaNo begins. Talking of NaNo, it kicks off a midnight, Tuesday, Nov. 1st. Be there. And now for […]

Space for Rent: Social Media Backlash

Tweet of the Day: Nebula Awards and Marginalized Writers ——- From time to time I come across dire warnings to writers about social media and how what they write or share in blogs, tweeter, facebook and other social networks can ruin their chances of getting published. Yet, except for some extreme cases of racism, bigotry […]

Mas Effect 3: Observations

Tweet of the Day: Some People Never Learn-Part Four ——– Okay, I gotta stop doing these. This is the second fan fic in a week. I’ll guess I’ll keep posting them as long as I am on my Mass Effect kick. Hope you like it. Oh and (SPOLIERS) ——– Arcturus Station, Space Dock 1, Aboard […]

Necessary Heroes No.5: Assault on Sector 13

Tweet of the Week: Be Smarter Than Your Readers ——- Intro – No.4 –  No.6 ——- M-314, 4th Planet-Rylus, Aboard Orbital Defense Platform One The stale air thrummed with the sound of heavy footfalls. She held her breath until the patrol passed. Her one-use EVA suit wouldn’t stand up in a fight even if she […]

Mass Effect 3: Fear

Tweet of the Day: Of Aliens and Pigeons ——- Another Mass Effect fic. As always this contains SPOLIERS about Mass Effect 2 and the Mass Effect universe as well as wild guessing on what is to come. Enjoy! ——- Shadow Broker Ship, Hagalaz, Sowilo System, Hourglass Nebula Liara sat bleary eye in front of several […]

TV Tropes Monday: Sequel Hooks

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.20: Endings ——- “Leave them wanting more.” That is the key to a good ending. Which is counter intuitive when you think that we are talking about, well, THE END, at least of the story. Enter the Sequel Hook. The trick is balancing the readers expectations. When done well, […]

Weekend Roundup: October 16-22

  Tweet of the Day: Science Fiction Fantasy Satuday ——– Another Saturday, another Roundup. Oh, c’mon! You knew it was coming. So just press on the links already. You’ll like them. I know it, you know, Rory Williams knows it. So what are you waiting for, an invitation? Oh, I haven’t done any posting of […]

Space for Rent: Fiction as a Reflection of Reality

Tweet of the Day: A Perfect Red ——- Art is a mirror of reality. Art is part of reality, as surely are the mirror is part of the room it resides in. No matter how distorted the image, it is just a reflection and just as revealing. Fiction, as a subset of the art of […]

NaNoWriMo 2011: Ruins of Empire

Tweet of the Day: Some People Never Learn – Part Three ——- Ye Gods are craaazy! Yes, I’m doing it again. NaNoWriMo that is. So what is NaNoWriMo? Simple, sign up to the website, and starting at Midnight November 1st, 2011 you start writing. Non-stop. Until the last day of the month. If you accumulated […]

Necessary Heroes No.4: Getting the Band Back Together II

Tweet of the Day: AW October Blog Chain – “Some Things Dark & Dangerous” ——- Intro – No.3 – No.5 ——- Uptown Speed Race Track September 6, 8:49 hrs “The interface synch is off by 0.07 and I don’t like the new tires, they don’t have as much grip as the last one,” said the […]