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Three Day Flu….

    Sorry for the non-posting. Got a bout of the flu, feeling better today, but has been a miserable forty-eight hours. Still have a sore throat  and a dry cough but at least don’t have headache+aching bones. Will post something soon. Stay safe…..

Mass Effect: Alliances

Tweet of the Day: What do a tortured vampire and a poisoned witch have in common? ——— “You wanted to see me, Wrex,” said Clan Chief Turtman. Wrex stood in a balcony overlooking the Kelphic valley, “Yeah. Good work on Lorek.” “It was easy. The only real opposition was inside the bomb factory. The local […]

Weekend Roundup: October 20-26

  Tweet of the Day: Halloween- Supper for the Dead ——— This week had been a tad more productive blogging wise but still most of the stuff I posted was filler for the things I really wanted to write but for some reason could not manage to get around to writing them. I did manage […]

Space for Rent: James Bonding

Tweet of the Day: Faces on the Wall ——— This is a post that blends video games with social commentary. You have been warned. Okay, here we go. Certain video game studios, like EA’s BioWare, are known for the emphasis on story in their game. As part of that emphasis they have included the chance […]

World Building Wednesday: Mercenaries

Tweet of the Day: Meditations on Ray Bradbury ——— Mercenaries are extremely popular in speculative fiction. They make for both disposable cannon fodder for the baddies, despicable villains that do what they do for the money or roguish anti-heroes who  follow their own conscience.  Often the realities that create a need for and sustain mercenary […]

Casting Lessons of War

Tweet of the Day: Abandoned Places ——— This post is hard to write and I think it is (part of) the reason why I have been unproductive as of late. Some of you might recall a WiP of mine by the name of Ruins of Empire/Lessons of War. Well it is still a WiP. Getting […]

TV Tropes Monday: Monster Delay

Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa 10: Fashion Police ——— Nothing is scarier that the unknown and is this trope is based on that fact. Nothing beats the human imagination in its capacity to terrorize, well, itself, or the owner of said imagination.  Showing the monster too early ruins the effect. Your mind has something to […]

Weekend Roundup: October 13-19

    Tweet of the Day:  The Dog and the Bogey Man ——— Lack of mojo, and sleep drained my creativity this week so it is going to be one of those painfully short weeks: Mon: TV Tropes- Abandoned Hospital Wed: Awakening That’s pretty much it. So much for a full week of blogging. Will […]


Tweet of the Day: Fiddler’s Hill ——– This a superhero origins story loosely based on the DC Comics RPG story a friend of mine is putting together for our gaming group. Some of you might not get some of the references, after all the DC Comic universe is far more than Batman/Superman. Then again, never […]

TV Tropes Monday: Abandoned Hospital

Tweet of the Day: The man with an iceberg grave stone ——— Hospitals are creepy, no doubt about that. But this trope takes it to eleven. I think it is the stench of failure that surrounds such places. The mark of inevitability. Here people tried and ultimately failed to stave off death in all its […]