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On Writing: Fulcrums and Keyholes

Tweet of the Day: Backed into a Corner ——– According to the a fulcrum is: ful·crum noun \ˈfu̇l-krəm, ˈfəl-\ plural fulcrums or ful·cra 1 a : prop; specifically : the support about which a lever turns b : one that supplies capability for action 2 : a part of an animal that serves as […]

Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 14 – Dinner At the Wilsons

Tweet of Day:  Why Nice Characters Equal No Conflict ——- Intro –  13 – 15 ——- The Wilson Home, Stafford VA, August 3rd 6:33 p.m. Mr. Wilson sat on one side of the rectangular dinner table, waiting for his children to wash up and come to dinner.  They sat down almost in unison across the […]

Fantasy: Women in Fantasy

Tweet of the Day:  Wandering in the Garden ——- Women in the fantasy genre…. A bit of a problem, if you (as a writer) based it on the European Middles Ages (or feudal Japan, or Ancient Middle East or any ye olde culture lost to the mist of time). Why? (you ask) Because for most […]

TV Tropes Monday: Another Dimension

Tweet of the Day: Book Trailers: Five Things Shteyngart Gets Right ——- Dimensions are very useful things, for a writer: For example…. If you want to zip across a billion space miles in a second, just hop on to the nearest dimension. Or maybe the local kids want  a lifetime of adventures in a single […]

Sunday Tweet: What Will Pottermore Know?

Tweet of the Day: What Will Pottermore Know? ——- I found a sight that combines two of the things I love, the Harry Potter books and my love for writing. Harry Potter for Writers! How can you go wrong with that combination? You can’t. You won’t. It is not possible. And the post I link […]

Weekend Roundup: June 19-25

Tweet of the Day: J.K. Rowling Is Self-Publishing: A Closer Look ——– So, what happened this week? Pottermore got revealed, sort off. It seems that Mrs. Rowling has decided to harness the power of the internet, fan fiction and digital media to upend the publishing world on its head. Is it a revolution? Or just […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- Reprieve

Tweet of the Day: Cultural Differences ——- 4 – 6 ——– “Quando tu Gaius, ego Gaia,” she said and with those words we were wed. She bid her friends farewell, left a token for her father, a clay pigeon he bought for her when she was five. Anthony escorted us back home. He made it […]