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“I won’t do that!” or getting past my writer’s block.

Many a writer, when they are asked about their characters almost always say the same thing “They speak for themselves I just listen and write it all down” or something like that.  To someone who has no slaved over every dangling participle, excess adverb or unintelligible piece of prose this transforms the witting process into […]

Laughs, Kids and Something Else Entirely

Thank you Carol. Now for the story at the top of the hour: What is funny to me? I skipped ahead on the August Blogchain started by my new friends over at the forums but having fixed that faux pas I am back in rotation. So far humor dominates the post along the chain […]

Church on Sundays

Religion and I don’t get along. I am not an atheist mind you, but I am an ex-Catholic of sorts leaning toward agnostic. My mother would drag me to the Saturday night service because Sunday mornings where for sleeping (at least for me). Growing up I went through several spiritual stages. From blind acceptance to […]

Expect the Unexpected

That would be the phrase I would use to describe my first month “in country”. Routine or not, there was always a surprise at every corner. None weirder than my meeting with the milkman. May rolled in June and the clouds did the same. I welcomed the higher temperatures. Since I come from the tropics, […]

Units of Time

Our perception of time is a funny thing. When we want time to go fast, it seems to slow down before our eyes yet when we want more of it, it seems to slip through our fingers. For example my first week in country crawled from one day to the next and after that it […]