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Tales from Sanctuary: Duatha and Talisa

Tweet of the Day:  Grow Reader Empathy By Showing Your Protagonist’s Vurnerable Side ——- From the Annals of Xhin Gon, Leader-Scribe of the Third Expedition to Daqin (The West), Chapter 3, Myths of the West, Translated by the Scribes of the Great Library of Sanctuary Dedicated to the Peerless Son of Heaven, Sovereign of the Three […]

TV Tropes Monday: Amazon Brigade

Tweet of the Day: Gamers have become the new Religious Right  ——- Because Men Use Violence and Women Use Communication it is very rare to see women fighting/fighters out there on Media-Land(tm).  Sometimes you may find the odd Lady of War, but she is one woman army among the hordes of swarthy male combatants. But […]

TV Tropes Monday: Myth Arc

  Tweet of the Day: Site of Salem Witch Hangings Found  ——- The Myth Arc is a story arc that spans several installments in a series if not the entire series.  These types of arcs are common in speculative fiction books as well as anime (Japanese animation) and the manga (Japanese comic books) they are […]

A Little Something You Might Enjoy.

  I haven’t done an AMV for some time, I even erased the ones I had posted in my old channel. But I’ve decided to get back on the horse so to speak, to promote my new channel. So here you go:  

TV Tropes Monday: Alter Ego Acting

  Tweet of the Day: Sane Saturdays: Overtime, Fanfiction and A Prayer  ——- Woke up today and saw an email from a friend that announced the death of David Bowie. He was well known but for his commercial hits as well as his experimental works, parties, addiction(s), and being the producer of some of the […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Pirate Station Destroyed

  Tweet of the Day: A Fond Look Back at Andre Norton’s Witch World ——- ANN News Desk on The Citadel August 10, 2197 Pirate Space Station Destroyed by By Iris Dunnigan CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM-  The Council is investigating reports of a recent attack against Wokou station in orbit around the planet Jarfor (Hoc System/Sentry […]

TV Tropes Monday: Awakening the Sleeping Giant

  Tweet of the Day: Russia’s Open Book  ——- There is a war going on. It might be a deadlock or one side is steamrolling the other. But there is a third party that remains neutral. They might send humanitarian aide. They might admonish the warring factions to resolve their differences through diplomacy. Then something […]

Space for Rent: A Year of Fear, A Victory for Terror

  2015 was a year of fear: foreign wars, economic woes, rampant police, riots, and terrorism. And the politicians have taken full advantage of this. Sadly, with this new year being an election year in the United States, and with the candidates offered by both parties (with one glaring exception), Fear will rule the roost. […]