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TV Tropes Monday: Egopolis

  Tweet of the Day: Emotional Wound Entry: Having to Kill Another Person to Survive ——- Every building bears their name, every square has a statute to their glory, every sign points to the next glorious piece of architecture named after the same person that everything else is named after. Welcome to the Egopolis. Clearly, […]

Dear Brother….

Tweet of the Day: How to Decide How Many POV Characters Our Book Needs ——- To Athos von Klaus, Knight-Errant of the Most Holy Order of Shielding I know we did not part in the happiest of forms, for you expected young Aton instead of this upstart. Yet, I am pleased to inform you that […]

TV Tropes Monday: I Own This Town

    Tweet of the Day: Bringing Balance to the Force: The Women of Star Wars Episode VII ——- “I Own This Town,” is a phrase usually uttered by the big wig in a given place which runs the gamut from small village to a planet, depending on the scale of setting. The key to […]

This is my rifle….

  Tweet of the Day: History Teaches Those Willing to Listen ——- ARI-44 Assault Rifle Infantry dash four point forty-four millimeter. It is a good rifle, my rifle. It has no name, just a designation. I like it like that; no fancy decals, no pet nicknames, no odes to foes or friends alike. Just a […]

Kingmaker: The Von Klaus Family

    Tweet of the Day: A Price of Game Journalism ——– Family and Acquaintances of Atreus von Klaus my current character. Roul von Klaus (Human Male NG/Commoner/Lawyer): Roul fled the initial onslaught of the Horned Society upon his homeland of the Shields Lands. He found refuge in the Free City of Greyhawk, along side […]

TV Tropes Monday: Artifact of Doom

  Tweet of the Day: I Have Failed…This Story ——- You have MacGuffins and then you have the Artifact of Doom for when you must creep out, consume, corrupt and destroy your characters and setting. Such an Artifact often is the work or an ancient civilization or godly power. It may have been meant to […]

Kingmaker: Atreius’ Diary

Tweet of the Day: First Mentor: The Social Media Jedi of WANATribe, Kristen Lamb ——– Waterday, Richfest, 599 CY Rita knows, she always knows. And that mischievous grin hasn’t left her face the whole day. Sure I came in late last night, or early this morning, blast the dogs for waking the whole house up, […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Musical Protest Surprises Libertas

Tweet of the Day: Analyzing How “Hamilton” Appeals to Geek Feminist ——– ANN News Desk on The Citadel July 9, 2197 Musical Protest Surprises Libertas by By Iris Dunnigan CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- A series of drones appeared in the streets of Progress, the capital of the human dominated colony world of Libertas (see Cartoonist Tried […]

TV Tropes Monday: Fictional Document

  Tweet of the Day: NaNo Playlist Block ——- Verisimilitude, the art of making the fiction appear real, is something most writers strive for, specially in speculative fiction. Having details that mirror the readers expectations eases their suspension of disbelief. One such world building detail is the Fictional Document, one or more books that exist […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Hearings End in a Bombshell

Tweet of the Day: The Call of the Sad Whelkfins ——- ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on New Arcturus Station June 4, 2197 Hearings End in a Bombshell By Jill Scarlett NEW ARCTURUS STATION– The hearings on the conduct of the Alliance Intelligence front company, Thompson-Ramos Security Services(see Alliance Dissolves TRS), and the […]