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Space for Rent: Cultural Lense-Marxist Literary Theory

Tweet of the Day: Sexy, Futuristic Undersea Adventures ——- The Marxist school follows a process of thinking called the material dialectic. This belief system maintains that “…what drives historical change are the material realities of the economic base of society, rather than the ideological superstructure of politics, law, philosophy, religion, and art that is built […]

Space of Rent: Paging Mr. Murphy

Tweet of the Day: My Memory Sucks —– Anything that can go wrong…. And I should know better. But wait, didn’t I take a break from blogging to concetrate on my WiP? Yeah, about that…. Started the week with an awful cold, which I still have. Then my mom collapsed in her kitchen and dad […]

Space for Rent: Enter the Newsreader

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation- 1b – iGo Crazy ——– Normally this is not the space for news of any kind but this place is flexible enough that I can bend the rules from time to time. The piece of news in question is that I’m writing for NERD TREK about video games […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- Silver Mining

Tweet of the Day: Dianaes – Part Two ——- 15 – 17 ——- The fora. A familiar place. But this time around it was not I who faced judgment but the men who tried to send me to my death and failed. A score of survivors regaled the assembly with tales of horror. The surge […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- Live by the blade….

Tweet of the Day: In Progress: Orc Romance ——- 14 – 16 ——- “Well…em..hel..hello..erm…”, fat drops of sweat froze instantly on Caliburn’s flat side as it hovered just under Valerius chin. “Yes, I am sure you’re oh so very glad to see your son-in-law. The very same you sent out to hunt barbarians. Your nephew […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue: Vengeance Can Wait

Tweet of the Day: From “Dusk at the Diner” by Altos Wexan ——– 13 – 15 ——– The Hall was empty at this time of night. No roaring boasts rocked its wooden walls. Four cloaked figures approached the throne. One extended a hand and shook the orc sitting upon the seat of power. Sigrun shook […]

Severus the Rogue: The Wild Hunt

Tweet of the Day: Revisions- It’s the Little Things ——- 12 –14 ——- The blare of the hunting horn hounded us through the woods. Snarls and barks filled the air, as thick as the fog that enveloped the little group of escapees. The Aos Si were on the Hunt. The same damn hounds, with long […]

Short Story Friday: Severus the Rogue- Escape

Tweet of the Day: Guest Post: Cuchulainn and Feriad, Irish Heroes —— 11– 13 —— She pressed her lips to mine. A warmth rose to my cheeks. Her eyes glazed over. She stood up, motionless. Time to put Oby’s balm to work, “Your Highness, would you be so kind as to retrieve my sword. I […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- The Harem

Tweet of the Day: The Flaw in JKR’s (Brilliant) Plan ——- 9 – 11 ——- She curled up in satin sheets. Where it not for the fact that I had little choice or remembrance of what happened I might have considered the late afternoon couplings enjoyable. She was, in a way that stretched the collective […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue – The Arena

Tweet of the Day: Heaven’s Sword and Sinners Gold ——– 8 – 10 ——– The hounds circled round, waiting for an opening. The long cold blade called Caliburn steamed in the midday heat. The preternatural steel as cold as winter’s thickest ice. The beast growled in unison. Drool fell from their hungry jaws in streams. […]