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TV Tropes Monday: The Paladin

    Tweet of the Day: Wasted Youth  The Paladin, that staple of modern fantasy stories and video games, thanks in large part to our old friend, D&D. The Paladin is a heroic champion of good, nearly incorruptible (we will get to that later), fighting the worse evil can offer with a stout heart secured […]

TV Tropes Monday: New Neo City

TV Tropes Monday: New Neo City

  Tweet of the Day:  A Spell for You   Your colony ship lands in a virgin world and your crew is ready to create the first settlement upon it. But what should you call it? Do you name it after the leader of your star nation? Perhaps use the name of your significant other? […]

TV Tropes Monday: Butterfly of Doom

  Tweet of the Day: How to Create an Enduring Book Brand As a plot device, time travel can be…tricky. It opens up a whole universe of ideas and also opens up a bin full of plot derailments. It is no surprise then that many a time travel plot includes the following caveat, “Don’t touch […]

Lessons from the Aether: The Gygaxyan Lens

  Tweet of the Day:  Why Are We Still Whitewashing Characters?  ——- The multiple incarnations of Dungeons and Dragons serve and continue to serve as inspirations for many writers in and beyond the Speculative Fiction sphere. But why? There are many reasons why I think Dave Anderson and Gary Gygax creation has such a powerful […]

TV Tropes Monday: What do you mean, it’s not political?

  Tweet of the Day: The Recipe for a Black Hole ——- What do you mean, it’s not political? That…that is a very good question. I mean, if art is a reflection of reality in some way, shape or form, it follows that part of that reflection would have a political dimension. Except when it […]

TV Tropes Monday: Alien Geometries

    Tweet of the Day: Book Review- Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz ——- Want to freak out your audience? Throw them in a room where the walls close on them, the angles are just wrong somehow and add the the term, “non-euclidean geometries” into the mix. Welcome to Alien Geometries, where everybody enters by no […]

TV Tropes Monday: Standard Fantasy Setting

Tweet of the Day: The Breakfast Stone ——- What is the Standard Fantasy Setting? That is a good question, I’m glad you asked. Well it can be: A vague Tolkien/Dungeons & Dragons Setting, Populated by “common” fantasy races like dwarves, elves, humans and orcs (or orks), May also contain dragons or an ancient reptilian race, […]

Weekend Writing Warriors: #8sunday-8/23/2015- A long way back

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. We continue with another snippet from my short story collection, Weirder and Wilder Tales, which is a mix of speculative fiction short stories from high fantasy to science fiction with a dash of horror thrown in for good measure. Most are flash fiction, around […]

TV Tropes Monday: Scaly Precursors

      Tweet of the Day: Dear Procrastination ——- This is a world building trope. The Precursors, those that came before. Also known as Ancients, Ancestors, and even Gods. A common enough trope in speculative fiction. But this particular sub-trope doesn’t appear on the page so we are breaking new ground (as far as […]

TV Tropes Monday: Street Samurai

    Tweet of the Day: The Church Under the Sands ——- So, you are in the middle of a near future, high-tech, corporate dystopia infused with every vice known to man and multiple-variations dreamed up by legions of speculative writers. What do you do? Well you jack up your meat body with as many […]