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  Well, it’s that time of year: to look back, to ahead, for resolutions and revaluations. 2010 sucked for me. Family illness, death in the family, recurring health problems. Little traction on the writing front. So, time to make some hard decisions. Neither Here nor There… is getting shelved until I find the proper market […]

The Tree-Part 2

Part 1 Here is Part 2 of the story. Hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays to all! ——— Tired, I was tired. The last rays of sunshine slipped trough the living room window.  The folds of the old chair cushioned every sore muscle. Five days of non stop work, on the tree, on the […]

The Tree-Part 1

Listening to Bing Crosby’s rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town on Pandora. Here is another Holiday story for you all!   Part II ———– The rolling country of the middle shires spread on both sides of the country road, covered in a thick blanket of December snow. While most folks commiserated due to […]

Sense of Direction

Interesting use of white. In the West death is associated with the color black, but in the east death is associated with the color white and the North (Winter/Snow). That was the comment I left on Tasha’s latest blog post. Yes, I just quoted myself. Score one for my ego. Moving on…. We assign values […]


The stuff we are all made off. Stars are a common symbol of the holidays, perhaps because we associate winter with darkness and night as well as the Star of Bethlehem. I was going to write another holiday themed story, but I’m still suffering from the post WIP metal haze. I just have to ride […]

Friends and Family

A story two years in the making. Never thought it would last this long. Of course if you’re new to the saga you can follow the links below to catch up: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Yep, that is all. Enjoy! 😉 ——- The house was […]

In the bag!

  My third book that is! Okay, so it’s only the barest of first drafts. So what. Three novels and counting. Of course now I have to turn back my attention to the other two, who always linger in one production/post-production stage or another. That’s the life of a writer, after all.Writer,revise, repeat…. ——— More […]

Current Affairs

Not much to report. Putting the final touches to the first draft of my WIP. I can already smell the re-write, but that will have to wait until January at the very least. A warm congratulations to all the NaNo winners out there. You deserve it. Playing WoW right now (World of Warcraft). The folks […]