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When Life Kicks You in the Gut.

Literally…. Which in this case, well, fits in more ways that one. Whether is the loss of a beloved pet. Thousands of people losing their jobs all around you. Spending a week with your mother in the hospital only to return to the same place yourself and endure an agonizingly long weekend in the emergency […]

Quick update.

Sorry for the lack of posts, although I don’t make it a habit of posting everyday. Spent the weekend in the emergency room, severe abdominal pain. Now I got to go and see the specialist, but so far it means a radical change of diet and pills for the foreseeable future.  The woes of an […]

Plotting the Characters or Driving the Plot?

  Speaking of which, have we discussed whether you find your work character-driven or plot-driven? And, any commonalities among the characters who aren’t working quite right yet? No we haven’t, oh gentle readers. The reasons is that the difference between the two (character-driven vs. plot-driven) is hard to define. There is not clear break between […]

Another tag, another meme, another post

Amy posted a writing meme on her site and tagged me so I decided to take up the challenge: Your genre(s): Speculative fiction and mainstream fiction. So far I done a bit of Urban Fantasy (SuD), Science Fiction (short story) and I’m working on Dark Age Fantasy for NaNo. But while I prefer these genres, […]

The Oh So Bland Cover

I came across this book the other day, as I often do when visiting a book store, which is big retail sale area with lots of books in it, but that’s not important right now. Said book had a cover and in the cover I saw the following: A young Caucasian female, in her early […]

Many Rules, One Law

Sputnitsa recently wrote: “The Golden Rule (about writing) is there are no rules.” I disagreed (and still do), and said so. That doesn’t mean that she is wrong. Only that I disagree. Yes, I know you can read the caption under the screaming cat. Irony is ironic. Sometimes. But I digressed. I should stop doing […]

The Alpha and the Omega

I am, as far as my writing is concerned. I control the vertical and the horizontal. Within the pages of my book I rule all. Creation and destruction. All knowing, All seeing, All doing. Yet, what a fragile little universe it is when it thrown in to the vast sea of literary existence. Other deities […]

Writing: Joy or Pain?

As I read this month copy of The Writer’s Magazine an article jumped to my attention. In it the author tells of some famous writers who found writing sheer torture while other thought of it as a joyful process. That got me thinking about how I feel about writing. I certainly love writing the first […]

Banned Books Month-A Writer’s Responsability

  Or what I like to call, the Other Side of the Coin (capitalized for your convenience). But what do I mean by that? Simple, creators of works (books, games, movies) have to step up to the plate and assume responsibility for their work. It’s not enough to say “change the channel”. Nor is it […]

Burn This!

Book banning…. Book burning…. It’s censorship. The question is, why? The obvious and common answer is “to protect X from Y” were X=children and Y=is an idea/concept, such as violence or sex. Sounds fair enough. I understand the need for parents to control, to a certain extent what their children read and see. I want […]