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Point of View: 3rd Person Close

  Last time we discussed the first-person point of view, and while I admit I have a certain fondness for it, more often than not I write in the third person.  Third person POV is what I would call the “cinematic” point of view. Instead of seeing things through the eyes of a character (or […]

Another Friday Roundup of Writer’s Blogs

In the meantime, here are a few writer’s blogs to tie you over: Random Thoughts/Random Writings:  Carol’s most excellent pair of blogs. Poetry, history and Space Opera in serial blog form, what more can you ask for? Exactly! The Bookshelf Muse: A writer’s blog and writing resource all rolled into one (I think I said […]

Point of View: 1st Person

Point of view (or POV)is the lens by which the reader absorbs the story. So, when I want to draw an intimate picture of a character and his life, I go for the first person point of view. And intimate is the key word. We get to hear and see what that one person experiences. […]

A wizard’s conclave and dinner party. (SPOILERS/LONG POST)

You are cordially invited to a wizard’s conclave and dinner party. Guest List: Fizban the Fabulous and Dalamar: Dragonlance Series The Trio- Harry/Hermione/Ron : Harry Potter Series Harry Dresden: The Dresden Files Host: Ralph Pratchett: The House Elf ——- Why did I agree to do this? OK, I locked everything that runs on electricity in […]

Moody Weather

There is just something about the weather in fiction. It sets the mood for the readers, it alters the mood of characters or sometimes it changes according to the character’s mood. Strange thing the weather in books. It never fails to rain when character is sad, or the moon is just right when she is […]

Story Seeds

What are the sources of your inspiration, they ask (whoever happens to ask the question, btw)? And I always reply: music and images. But how does that work exactly? How do you turn a piece of music or an image into a story? The answer lies in the picture above. Yes, it does! Someone saw […]