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TV Tropes Monday: Winter Royal Lady

Tweet of the Day: I’m Mary: A Christmas Eve Anti-Nativity Story


This post was brought to you by the letter E, for Eve and C for Christmas.

Now for today’s post.

Due to recent major malfunctions in my previous computing device I skipped a few of these but now it is back to get into the mix with the Winter Royal Lady.  Add one cup of royalty (real or imagined, nobility will do in a pinch), two cups silver + diamonds (I prefer sapphires myself) and a wintry title and you have this trope.

A good way to create an aura of aloofness around a character or to make her (and it is almost always a her, unless you are being cheeky) especial in some way. Goes great with wintry locales, ice palaces, and the Holidays. Covering everything along the way with frost is a nice touch, although that involves other tropes.

Even without the rim of ice, all that glittering white will surely catch someones eye.


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