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The Year That Was, The Year To Be

I already did the year-in-review thing, so that is out. Now for this year resolutions. I started the whole resolution thing last year (because I never believed in them to begin with) and it worked out well for me, so I’m going to give it another try: Keep and improve my organizations skills: Although I […]

His and Hers

Sorry for the delay but the holidays caught up with me yesterday and well… The last part of our little holiday story. Enjoy! ——— Bobby’s idea of a bachelor party had two ingredients, booze and strippers. In other words, a strip club in downtown Boston. Somehow he managed to rope Paul into going as well. […]

Total Confusion

Well you asked for it, so here it is. This is part III of story. If you haven’t read the last two parts, scroll down or click on the following links: Part I Part II ——— We both got up from the table. “Linda, this is Kiky, I mean Rebeca.  Rebeca, this is Linda, my […]

Plan B

And the story continues…. —— I was holding two paddles without a river in sight. With Bobby out of action I was without a best man for the wedding, and I didn’t want to have Mr. Pedantic, also known as Stephen Kurt, Linda’s younger brother, be that man. Nope, this was the one thing under […]

Hope for the Best.

Saw a guy screw up a landing  (in a motor cross event) on ESPN Classic and decided to write this bit based on it.  Could be an ongoing story if I can come up with more. Part II  – Part III – Part IV —— I stared at my best man lying on a hospital […]

All That He Knows….

This post is an offshoot of a past post about unreliable narrators although it applies to characters in general but specifically character(s)-as-narrator or POV character. A question(s) that a writer must always ask himself is: What does the character know? And… When did he know it? Writers must be careful on how they doled out […]

That Time of Year

For a year-in-review…. And a blogchain to boot! What a odd, stressful yet productive year this has been. Started at the middle, or should I say the end of my first NaNo novel. How happy I felt about finishing the first draft of a second novel. It validated the fact that I was writer. And […]

Distrust the Narrator

Narrators are not always reliable. Nor should they be. Enter the realm of the Unreliable Narrator. I’ve encountered at least three (could be more could be less) types of Unreliable Narrator/POV Character: 1) The Lying Character: He or she is someone who knows what is going on, but chooses to lie (by omitting or skewing […]

A Cloud Over Us

There is something is in the air, but I don’t know what it is. It seems that a bug has bitten many in my extended online writer’s community, as you can see here, here and here.  Maybe it’s the season.  Blogs ignored, computers keys silent, pens abandoned and rooms silent. I admit that I suffered […]

Home for the Holidays

The music echoed softly throughout the house. I brought you something close to me, Left for something you see though your here. You haunt my dreams There’s nothing to do but believe, Just Believe. Just Breathe. Millie walked in step with him as he made his way to the source of the music. Milo cut […]