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Did I mention I suck? Because I do according to these choice words: If you are a English Literature graduate I’d expect fewer grammatical errors in your query. and, You are still not in command of the English language No wonder my Betas passed on my book! Damn! Aaaargh!

On the Edge of the Abyss

Fear is a powerful motivator for some. A crippling psychological condition for others. Guess in which category I fall into? Right…. So what triggered this latest panic attack? Querying. The idea that I can’t a) sell nothing coupled with the thought that b) nobody is going to like this piece of trash has dropped my […]

The Heat is On

It’s hot! No really, it is. That’s the thing about living in a tropical island. Mornings are not that bad. Afternoons, with high humidity and temperatures averaging in the high 90s (F) it can be downright stifling. How I used to laugh at people complaining about 8o(F) degree weather in Michigan! Fans help. So does […]

Another Round of Writer’s Blogs

It’s Friday, which means more Writer’s blog. Let’s get started, shall we? A Writer’s Journey: A writer’s blog that doubles as a writer’s resources page/site as well. Lefty In My Write Mind: Emily Murdoch’s blog. Interesting tone and subject matter. Mind Over Mullis:  She put the hilarity in the phrase “and hilarity ensues” . The […]

Flash Fiction Friday: Yank at a London Cafe

Another installment of Flash Fiction Fridays.

Got Muse? A Few Questions for Writers

A quick survey type meme from leftywritey via Tasha blog. 1) Where do you write? Coffee shop. 2) When do you write? In the afternoon. 3) Planner or Pantser? Panster with a bit of mapping along the way. 4) Coffee or tea? Coffee shop equals coffee, ’nuff said. 5) Pen and paper, or computer? Pen […]

Monday Filler: More Harry Potter

Nothing much to say except that I found a few more Harry related trailers. Must watch movie when it comes out on July 15. The International Trailer: Ron in Love (or so he thinks): But who is really going out with whom, I wonder? End of line….

More Writers Blogs and Resources

Another Friday, another list of writer’s blogs and resources for writers. Long on the first category, short on the second. The Blogs: W.I.P.: Work in Progress is Rosemerry’s blog where she traces the development of her current project. Interesting read. Isaac Espriu’s Place: Blog covering the life and times of a full time writer, hour […]

Things I don’t do.

As a writer/blogger: No outlines. No daily updates. No word counts. No reviews. No TBR piles. None of that. I explain in detail why I don’t do outlines. No need to rehash that. Daily updates? Forget it. Tried it, could not come up with enough material to feed the daily monster so I don’t even […]

Done with the One-Pass Revision-Sort of

Yay! I’m done. Sort of. Not really. Because I have to take what I have and transcribe it to the memory banks of my personal computing machine.  I didn’t take out as much as I thought I had to, but I definitely have to re-write some key chapters and consolidate some others. If I’m diligent […]