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TV Tropes Monday: Expospeak Gag

  Tweet of the Day: Kittens, Just Kittens Today we will write about a literary device commonly employed in media, such as, but not limited to, movies, television, books and video games. This literary device serves to explain to the audience a key feature of the setting construction, such as the inner workings of said […]

TV Tropes Monday: Knowledge Broker

  Tweet of the Day: 20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know ——– Self-explanatory title is self-explanatory, ain’t it? This is the bloke that sells the secrets. Has his fingers in all them pies, and such. He knows whose being naughty and who has being nice, like Father Christmas, see, and his sells […]

TV Tropes Monday: Home by Christmas

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Kick@$$ Action Scenes ——- “Don’t you worry boys, the enemy are a bunch of chumps, we shall give them a good thrashing and be Home by Christmas!” Unless you don’t. And when you don’t because the enemy got into their heads to fight back, or the weather turns bad, […]

World Building Wednesday: What Your Characters Say About the World

Tweet of the Day: WIP Wednesday – Headaches and Confusion ——- You spent hours upon countless hours crafting a lovely world for your story. With gusto you created mighty deities whose power spans time and space, majestic snow covered mountains to take the reader’s breath away, dark mysterious forces to challenge the characters…. Wait, what […]

Lessons from the Aether: RPGs and Character Creation

Tweet of the Day: The Volatile Mr. Poe: A Charleston Chronicle  ——- Roleplaying games are all about playing a role of a character in a giving space. Many, if not all RPGs, are based or influence by various speculative fiction genres such as sword and sandal, space opera, and cyberpunk to name a few. While […]

TV Tropes: The Man Behind the Man

  Tweet of the Day: Game Changer: What Society Can Learn From the Economics Of Video Games ——- The heroes just cornered the bad guy, assaulted his lair, or fought him over the exploding volcano. With his dying breath he says, “There is another!” Wait…what? Indeed, the guy the heroes spent so much time fighting […]

Lessons from the Aether: The Longrunner and the Soap Opera Trap

Tweet of the Day: Sympathy for a Good Villain ——- Longevity is a sign of success. We all want our work to not only hit a high note once, but to continue to do so as long as possible. Look at today’s box office and you will see the fourth, fifth or even sixth iteration […]