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November Cometh! Time to get my head back in the game.

  NaNo, Editing, Writing, Healing, Holidays, Oh boy! NaNo is right around the corner. So is that book of mine sitting on my desk, waiting for the final edit which I have been “working” on for the last couple of months (damn you procrastination!). So this month I will shift to a higher gear and […]

Welcome to the Other Side

I’m alive! In slight pain and some discomfort but alive.  A quick in an out, a burning sensation in my abdomen and 4 new holes I could do without, but at least the gallstone is gone.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by with well wishes.   Rafa  

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Questions that Make You Go….

I found these questions on Clipmarks (original source here) and decided to try an answer them in the snarkiest way possible. You get to decide if I succeeded or failed: 1.What hair color do they put on the driver’s license of a bald man? 2. When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests […]

The Rising Tide

Tomorrow, Monday, October 26, 9:00 a.m. Familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. Trapped in the airport terminal Waiting for the flight to arrive. Waiting for the time that I abandon the illusion of control. Fears are one part survival, three parts irrationality. One part running for your life, three parts knowing that that […]

October Blog Chain: Ends and Beginnings

Well I’m up, #10 on this month AW Blogchain. The theme is Fall, the challenge write anything related to the season. Freshhell wrote about the transition from Summer to Fall. I decided to write a short story set in the Fall. I hope that you like it and after you’re done please cruise by aimelane’s […]


I lay strapped to the operating table. A mask descends over my nose and mouth. A disembodied voice asks me to breath deeply. My conciseness slips into nothing. I am no more. Death. That’s what I am afraid of. And fear can be a powerful motivator. Just ask the MC of my first WIP. He […]

Updating the Update

Gallstone. Surgery. Yeah. One stone in the wrong place and your world gets turned upside down. It won’t kill me (just yet) but if I want this resolve it has to come out. All of it. Yep, gall bladder and all. It may mess up my NaNo schedule, but what the heck. Thank you all […]