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Weekend Roundup: December 25-31

Tweet of the Day: 3rd Annual NO KISS Blogfest! ——- Interesting that this post falls on the last day of the year. No, don’t prescribe to planning what mere chance wrought. Simple coincidence, but thematically fitting none the less. A sort of ending trope if you will. So lets see what this last week of […]

Space for Rent: What a Year!

  Tweet of the Day: Character and Ethics ——- Indeed! A year of many things, as years goes, I suppose. Memories, stories and wild wanderings. The blog shifted to a weekly format. I tried my hand (again) at NaNoWriMo. Started another novel! Did a bunch of short stories. Even dipped into fan fiction. Lots of […]

Prancing Through Genres

  Tweet of the Day: Are You Choosing the Right Words for Your Story’s Tone? ——– Okay, maybe not prancing as in prancing around a field of sunflowers in a tutu or…. Nobody said anything about flower fields or tutus until I brought it up. <FACEPALM> Burned myself there pretty good, eh? What I meant […]

To Self-Publish Or Not To Self-Publish

Tweet of the Day: Endings and Modern Authors ——– That is the question, specially in the age of digital publication. Should you stick to the tried and true methods or cut through the red tape and plunge yourself into the icy waters of do-it-yourself publication? What about the costs? Marketing? Competition? Time allotment? Quality control? […]

TV Tropes Monday: A Very British Christmas

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.30: Help I Can’t End My Book! ——– This the holiday season for millions across the world, but not everybody celebrates it the same way. Take the Brits (be they English, Welsh, Corning, or Scots), they do things similarly but not the same. Today is the last Bank […]

Weekend Roundup: December 18-24

  Tweet of the Day: A Harry Potter Christmas ——- Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and all of that. It is Christmas Eve and everybody is running around wrapping gifts, decorating trees and doing last minute shopping and/or cooking. That means that most bloggers are away from their beloved computers and that blogging is light.  That […]

Occam’s Razor or Why Quantity Does Not Equal Depth

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.29: Character Foils ——– Occam’s razor, also known as Ockham’s razor, and sometimes expressed in Latin as lex parsimoniae (the law of parsimony, economy or succinctness), is a principle that generally recommends from among competing hypotheses selecting the one that makes the fewest new assumptions. Or…. More is not […]

Harry Potter: The Day After

Tweet of the Day: How to Write Convincing Strong and Silent Types ——– Another HP fic for you. As the title suggest this one takes place the day after the Battle of Hogwarts (End of Book Seven). We find our hero, Harry, asleep in Gryffindor’s tower boys dormitory…. ——– “harry…Harry? Harry!” The familiar voice shattered […]

TV Tropes Monday: Fantasy Counterpart Culture

  Tweet of the Day: 10 Writing Truths (Part 1) ——- It is difficult to be truly original when creating fiction, and even if one manages to pull it off, one runs the risk of putting off the audience by having one’s creation seem too strange. Much safer, then, to make your setting contain human […]

Sunday Tweet: Six Sentence Sunday-Starfall

I saw this on Aheïla blog and decided to give it a go. Of course, she is much better at it than me, but still I’ll give it a try. Don’t forget to click on the link and check her place out. You won’t regret it. ——- For my six sentences I’ll use my unfinished […]