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TV Tropes Monday: Repressive but Efficient

    Tweet of the Day: When It’s Persona. When It’s Political  How do you make oppressive governments attractive to the people other than by the use of terror by the powers that be?  You show them that their government is Repressive but Efficient. The streets are clean, the children well behaved, the trains arrive […]

TV Tropes Monday: Never Trust A Trailer

    Tweet of the Day: Fantasy as Protest  Trailers are meant to hook you in, but often they little or no correlation to the product sold because: The product is crap and if they show you that you won’t buy or watch The producers don’t want to spoil major plot points The trailer is […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 7 (c.3)- Speakeasy

  Tweet of the Day: How many people needed for a space colony? Bailey & Willingham Metal Works,  3rd Factory District, Capitol City of Progress, Libertas, Sphinx System, Argos Rho Cluster, Attican Traverse September 6, 2197 Our footsteps echoed through the abandoned factories. The moonlight from Libertas five small moons filtered through the broken glass […]

TV Tropes Monday: Call Back

    Tweet of the Day: The Four Types of Character Flaws    One of the many problems of a longrunner is that keeping everything in continuity can become a bit of a hassle. Enter the Call Back, one of many ways a writer can acknowledge past events in-universe. But this is more than just […]