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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Ambush

Tweet of the Day: On Where Genres Come From and How to Stitch Them Together ——– After Earth Chronicles: Ambush Hades Gamma Cluster, Arvandor System, Arborea, March 3rd 2196 We got a warning that the slavers were incoming, ETA twenty minutes. Enough time to reach my position and activate the cloak. I was in the […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Character Profiles (Thompson-Ramos Security)

Tweet of the Day: Heinlein’s Rules for Writing (And How To Break Them) —— I finally wrote the first chapter of the After Earth Chronicles, but it still going through revisions. In the meantime, here is a run down of the main characters. —– Theodore Carlos Thompson-Ramos (Human): Place of Birth: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Caribbean […]

TV Tropes Monday: Standard Sci-Fi Army

Tweet of the Day: Layers of Reality ——- Let us, once again, quote from the trope page: The planetary cousin to the Standard Sci-Fi Fleet. While the Space Navy dominates the sky, it’s up to the ground pounders to take the ground. It is sometimes claimed that the use of militarized spaceships will make planetary […]

Mass Effect After Earth Chronicles: The Dream

Tweet of the Day: Where’s Your Gods Now? ——– The Dream, always the same. Sometimes I dream it often, Sometimes I forget, But It always comes back, Always the same… A Beam that shatters bedrock, A Wail that pierces eardrums, A Smell that fills nostrils, Always the same… My love Helena waving goodbye, Happy face, […]

Weekend Rounup: August 19-25

Tweet of the Day: The Embarcation ——- What a week of could haves and have beens. The storm season, or I like to call it, the storm dodging season, has begun. Fall brings storms, none of which we would like to call “our storm”. Some skedaddle across the map with names that barely register, other […]

Space for Rent: Games As Art Are More Than Just The Story

Tweet of the Day: AW Blog Chain- (Volcanic) Fire and (Cosmic) Ice ——– Lets start with a video, shall we? Oh yeah, the link: Did you watch the video? Did you follow the link? That is what I meant by video games and art. Yes I have harped about a good storyline, but what […]

Mass Effect: ANN Defense Report- New Frigates For The Fleet

Tweet of the Day: AW August Blog Chain: Fire and Ice ——– ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel February 8, 2196 New Frigates for the Alliance By Amita Quita PRESIDIUM, CITADEL– Tyr Shipyard LTD announced the completion of the first of a new class of Alliance frigate, the SSV Kursk. Based […]

First Guest Blog Post

Tweet of the Day:  The Greek Gods: Zeus ——— I had a lovely chat with fellow SFR writer Diane Dooley the other day on Twitter although I can’t remember exactly what is it that we talked about, maybe something about sexuality on the page, or some such. Any who, I asked her, and she agreed […]

Mass Effect: After Earth Chronicles Soundtrack

Tweet of the Day: Not Quite Cricket ——— After Earth Chronicles OST (well not that original but still) : “Series Theme” – Infiltrator Nights Mix “Dream” – Sacked Troy Piano Mix “Vero’s Lament“- Bondmate’s Regret Mix “Tiger Wing Anthem” – Wings of Freedom Vocal Edit “Alpha Strike” – Not Afraid To Die Mix “Ode to […]

TV Tropes Monday: Standard Sci-Fi Fleet

Tweet of the Day: Scenes: The Building Blocks of Your Story ——- Let the folks from TV Tropes illustrate the trope: As Space Is an Ocean, naturally the space fleets in many Sci-Fi settings tend to follow the same lines as the wet navies of Earth. These are typically separated into three classes: Small Craft, […]