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Re-Post: World Building-The Beyond

Tweet of the Day: Is Authorial Voice Different From Character Voice? ——— This is a behind the scenes look at my current WiP and the mechanics of the universe of Sturm und Drang. ——— What is the Beyond? The answers to this question are many, and like all answers to the most fundamental questions of […]

Wizard’s World War:Dispatch 1-Dead Zone

Tweet of the Day: The Moon Blessed (A Short Story) ——– Intro – Dispatch 2 – Dispatch 3 – Dispatch 4 – Dispatch 5 – Dispatch 6 – Dispatch 7 – Dispatch 8 ——- Last Year: Płaska, Augustów County, Poland February 7th 15:45 hrs The boy scribbled runes on stone floor of his home with […]

Urban Fantasy: Magic vs. Technology

Tweet of the Day: 7 Excerpt’s From J.K. Rowling’s New Book ——- Magic and technology don’t mix, or so they tell me. Never mind who “they” are, just go with it. Ahem, back to the subject at hand. In some works magic and technology, principally high tech, don’t mix. The reason lies in the conflict […]

TV Tropes Monday: Overranked Soldier

Tweet of the Day: Introducing the Villain ——- As a military enthusiast, one of my pet peeves of science fiction works is how author’s mangle military hiearchy in general and ranks in particular. Overranked Soldier: Over-ranked Soldier refers to a character whose rank is, quite simply, impossible for him to possess. The character’s rank is […]

Sunday Tweet: A Famous Little Tune

Tweet of the Day:  Happy Birthday to the most Famous Unknown Songstress ——– Another tweet from our blog-friend (and dare I say, bashful fan?) of this blog. Naked praised mixed with shameless (redundant I know) self-promotion! 😀 But still worth reading. Why? Because Tasha, a.k.a. Gyspyscarlet summons interesting tidbits from our collective past that you […]

Weekend Roundup: March 20-26

  Tweet of the Day: Why Pen Names Suck & Can Make Us Crazy ——– I managed, by some miracle and/or freak of nature to post every single day of the week! Hooray! I think I have the formula down. First, plan ahead. Best way to avoid staring at the screen at 10 p.m. while […]

Short Story Fridays: The Gate p.6b-Diligence

Tweet of the Day: 2011 Writing Progress Spreadsheet ——- – P.1 – P.2 – P.3 – P.4 – P.5 – P.6a –P.7 – P.8 – P.9 – P.10 – P.11 – P.12a– P.12b – Aftermath ——- “Shai kyr saesi!” “Seere!” replied Simon. Figures in green cloaks dropped from the branches above. The leader approached the […]