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TV Tropes Monday: Breath Weapon

    Tweet of the Day: TREBAH, CORNWALL ——- Myths and legends require legendary heroes and…well…mythical monsters. And nothing impresses the audience than a nigh invincible creature, as tall as a skyscrapper and vomits forth destruction gigantic maw. That’s right, the nasty bugger has a Breath Weapon attack. This attack form is common in western […]

TV Tropes Monday: Dragon Lady

    Tweet of the Day: The Heart Bowl: or, What Happened to King Canute ——– Take every single misogynistic, sexist, and racist idea about the East, roll it into a petite woman wearing a red qiapo and you have this trope. It has all the prejudices of that the West has about the East […]

Weariness of the Soul

    Tweet of the Day: On consent and sesitivity ——- Family members of terminally ill patients usually express relief when they pass away. Almost always done with a heavy sigh and profuse apologies. It seems callous to celebrate the death of another human being, specially when that human being is your parent, child, spouse […]

TV Tropes Monday: Path of Inspiration

  Tweet of the Day: Inspiration ——– Regardless of how logical we think we are, we all, yes everybody, believes in something that is irrational or unproven. The Path of Inspiration was built to exploit this. I know, I know, some of you are thinking that all religions fit the bill. But no, we are […]

Weekend Roundup: March 9-15

Tweet of the Day: The Pocket Time Machine ——– You make plans. The universe gets a whiff of said plans. The universe laughs. Reality ensues. That is, inside the proverbial nutshell, how my week went. Not terrible, just derailed. I still managed to post a few stories. In fact I posted mostly stories. Let’s see […]

March 2014 Blog Chain: Of Lions and the Lamb

Tweet of the Day: The Orthodox Church of Heinlein ——– I skipped last months blog chain for personal reasons and nearly miss this one but thought to give a go none the less. Here are the instructions for this months Absolute Write’s Blog Chain: Starting Date: Friday, March 14, 2014 Open to all forum members, […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Asari Military Doctrine (2)

Tweet of the Day: The Eight Hundred-Year-Old-Boy ——- Excerpt from Modern Galactic War by Paul Malthus, 3rd Edition , Made available for Extranet Scholastic Use by  The Institute of War and Diplomacy, Vancouver Metroplex, North American Union, Earth, 2190 (1st Edition published by Banabar Books in 2184). The Asari Fleet Under the supervision of the […]