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Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: Magna Records Signs New Artists

From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk March 1, 2198 Magna Records Signs New Artists By Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – Magna Records, one of the largest multimedia music companies in Citadel space has signed three new acts for the upcoming year: Thespian Dance Theory: A Late 20th Century Retro-Synth Band Druish Space Lazers: Mytho-Latin Orchestra Band Death […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 4 (c.4): Interlude

Deck-1 Captain’s Cabin, SSV Kursk SR-3, En Route to the Maroon Sea Mass Relay, Maroon Sea Cluster, May 15, 2198 Miranda laid on top of me as we rested on the couch with my hands on her belly. She was deep into her second trimester with all the joys of swollen ankles stretch, marks, and […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 3 (c.4): Escalation

Asteroid CB-32147, Outer Asteroid Belt, Knossos System, Artemis Tau Cluster, February 27, 2198 He took the last drag of his fifth cigarette in the last half hour. The data was fragmentary, incomplete but the pattern was clear to see. The others remained skeptical but his intuitive algorithms pointed him in the right direction. Their target […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 2 (c.4): Synchronization

Alliance Docking Bay 1, Presidium, Citadel, Widow System, Serpent Nebula, February 25, 2198 “Come here dumbass!” yelled Jack. Vega sheepishly took her duffel bag. “I’ve been waiting for half an hour! So where is your bunk?” Before Vega could respond Jack turned to Miranda, “Heya Princess!” “Hi Jack.” “Are you showing yet? Yeah you got […]