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It’s a mistake! Time to edit.

Now that is a good question (posed by Benjamin Solah over at the AW Forums). I start editing the moment I write I write my first drafts on legal notepad (white-blue lined). That gives me the freedom to add notes, scratch entire senteces, scenes or what have you. When I tried to do it in […]

Down to Springfield I Go: A Viral Story

Unfocused me tagged me as part of the viral chain story. I can always use the exercise. So here is my contribution. The Rules: Here’s what I would like to do. I want to create a story that branches out in a variety of different, unexpected ways. I don’t know how realistic it is, but […]

More Writers’ Blogs and Resources

Another Friday, another list of writers’ blogs and online resources: The Writing Runner: According to the About write up: “I’m a writer in my 20s who also loves to run, and I’ve been having trouble doing both lately. This blog is my attempt to get back into the groove in both departments, hopefully before my […]

A movie non-review: Star Trek The Movie (New)

Why call it a non-review, because in order to properly review this movie I would have to go into details that would ruin it for you. And I don’t want to do that? Why? Because…this movie…is…AWESOME! I will, however, highlight some of the ways this movie is AWESOME! by using my preferred method of illustrating […]

What if I had made that movie?

Summer movie season is nearly upon us and that means that means a long parade of explosions, insane FX and some acting thrown in for good measure. All in good fun. On my list of fluffy entertainment to see this summer includes such flicks as the re- imagined J.J. Adams version of  Start Trek  and […]

Once More into the Breach….

Well, I’m nearly finished with my second WIP, so now it is time to go back and revised Neither Here nor There… one more time. This time around I plan to use the One-Pass Manuscript Revision method I have heard so much about. If this works then I may have discovered a way to work […]