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NaNo 2011: Salvaging your NaNo Experience

Tweet of the Day: There is Only the Text ——– NaNoWriMo is coming to an end. Congratulations on all the winners. Soon it will be time to salvage a meaningful story from it. What do you mean “salvage” a story? You didn’t even finish yours! True, but while you bask in the glory of your […]

TV Tropes Monday: Anvilicious

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.26: Mystery Plotting ——- Sometimes an author wants to send a message through his writing: evil doesn’t pay, slavery is bad, never shop on a Black Friday, you know, the usual. He could weave the message into the plot were in the character(s) learn about the message and its […]

Sunday Tweet: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges!

  Tweet of the Day: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges! ——- Writers will forever live in envy of those who can create or capture an image on paper or screen. A lot of writers are also graphic writers, but when it comes to converting the pictures in our minds […]

Weekend Roundup: November 20-26

  Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Wise ——- A week full of opinions, wacky commentary and even a fan fic or two. Go figure! Sun: The Sunday Tweet- Carpetbaggery or Manning the Ghetto’s Barricades. Mon: Take some artistic license in TV Tropes Monday-Putting on the Reich. Tu:  A return to the Mass Effect […]

Space for Rent: Collision at the End of Time

Tweet of the Day: The music muse? ——– Turning and turning in the widening gyre     The falcon cannot hear the falconer;     Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;     Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,     The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere     The ceremony of […]

Drabble- Every Cat a Lion

Tweet of the Day: Roar- A Drabble ——– I’m not much for very short fiction or very long fiction for that matter, but after reading Aleïla post I remembered this old story: When I was a kid, my mother sent me to the corner store to buy some bread and milk. On my way I […]

Mass Effect 3: Conversations DLC

Tweet of the Day: Book Review: Let the Right One In ——- (SPOILERS OF THE MASS EFFECT SERIES) This is the last of the “bridging” stories/DLCs (Downloadable Content) ——- Normandy SR-2, Port Observation Deck, Space Dock 1, Arcturus Station Ash took another sip from her glass. A synth heavy pop song from Illumiun played in […]

TV Tropes Monday: Putting on the Reich

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Ruthless ——– This trope is so simple and so overused I don’t know why I even bother to explain it to you or write very long sentences about it. It could be the pain medication talking, I don’t know. Anyway if you really want to show that the […]

Sunday Tweet: Carpetbaggery or Manning the Ghetto’s Barricades

Tweet of the Day: Carpetbaggery ——– The Sunday Tweet was brought to you by Michal of the excellent blog One Last Sketch. Often readers/writers of speculative fiction, as well as creators and fans of other genres/formats such as animation, find themselves confined to sectors of the media which are walled off be it by scholastic […]

Weekend Roundup: November 12-19

Tweet of the Day: Friday Art & History Feature- The Cult of Isis ——– Getting back to speed on the blogging front. Sorry about dropping the ball on Necessary Heroes, I’ll get back on that as soon as possible, I promise. In the mean time enjoy nearly a week worth of blog posts: Mon: TV […]