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Oh 2015. What a Year!

  Tweet of the Day: Plans to dominate the world. Coming to a screen near you in 2016. ——- Oh 2015, you have been a dozy! It hasn’t exactly being a good year. Health problems stalked my family as well as me and we nearly lost Mom in October during a routine biopsy. Add to […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 4 (c.3): Wedding

Tweet of the Day: Looking through time: 2015 and 2016 ——- Lawson Family Lodge, Bald Mountains, 18km Southwest of Discovery, Horizon, Iera System, Shadow Sea, August 10, 2197 ‘”Ready?” asked Ricky. I tugged at the hem of the tux, “Sure.” “If I didn’t know any better I would say you are extremely calm and collected […]

Wizards’ World War (s.4) – Dispatch 5: Yule

  Tweet of the Day: Merry (RAWR) Christmas —— Seasons 1, 2 & 3 – Season 4 Premiere – Dispatch 4 – 6 —— Somewhere deep in Jötunheimr I held aloft a single flame that kept both the night’s darkness. The cold wormed itself through every cranny of exposed skin. It tore away at our […]

Who Are You?

You are a Goddess. The power to weave worlds rests within you. Every time your fingers press down on keys or put pen to paper you strike the anvil at the foot of the Forge of Creation. There will be many scattered pieces, broken worlds, shattered kingdoms, still born characters, but in the end you […]

TV Tropes Monday: The Remnant

  Tweet of the Day: Men Explain Lolita to Me ——- You say you want a revolution, eh? Well revolutions are messy specially the bloody ones and cleaning up afterward is a chore than nobody wants. From the scraps of battle comes The Remnant, the holdouts that spawn from the ranks of the defeated side. […]

Home Just in Time for Xmas Eve

  Tweet of the Day: Bad Life Decisions: Mary Robinette Kowal Reads Theodore Beale. Sexily. ——- They weaved through the throng of last minute Christmas shoppers their hands tightly clasp. Tina talked non-stop, about the weather, holidays parties,  and gifts. She listened to every word, hung on every sigh and laugh. The only thing that […]

TV Tropes Monday: Home by Christmas

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Kick@$$ Action Scenes ——- “Don’t you worry boys, the enemy are a bunch of chumps, we shall give them a good thrashing and be Home by Christmas!” Unless you don’t. And when you don’t because the enemy got into their heads to fight back, or the weather turns bad, […]


Tweet of the Day: Technology Will Save Our Future ——– She gave her pulse rifle the once over. It was one of those things a soldier did during “dead” time, the space between shooting and being shot at. Intermittent lights flashed though the bunker firing slits. It wasn’t the fireworks of her youth spent underfoot […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Alliance Navy Chooses F-66 as New Fighter

  Tweet of the Day: Victorian Fairy Tales for Wednesday Whimsy ——- ANN News Desk From Alliance News HQ in Vancouver August 9, 2197 Alliance Navy Chooses F-66 as New Fighter By Amita Quita VANCOUVER, EARTH– Alliance Navy Aerospace Classification Board announced the results of the Advance Carrier Fighter (ACF) competition as the F-66 Crossbow. […]

Wizard’s World War (s.4)- Dispatch 4: The Ship of Fools

Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: Alien Nation ——- Season 1, 2 & 3 – Season 4 Premiere – Dispatch 3 – Dispatch 5 ——- On a  barge on the river Ífingr A single moment crystallized the madness of our mission to sever the alliance between the giants and our enemies. Thousands of baying, braying, […]