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TV Tropes Monday: Everything Is an iPod in the Future

    Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa – Boys ——- This is a sci-fi world building trope, common in television, movies and video games due to their visual component but not entirely absent from books. It is proof positive that are visions of the future are merely projections of the present. The technology is minimalist, […]

Lessons from the Aether: Man of Steel and Character Motivations

Tweet of the Day: Royalty in Space: Science Fiction Princes and Princesses ——- As much as I love movies, I rarely go to theaters to see them any more. Maybe I’m suffering from rather limited bout of social anxiety or I hate people narrating the movie for their friends while watching the same movie, but […]

Lessons from the Aether: Explosions, Lens Flare and Lack of Substance

  Tweet of the Day: Mood Swings and Rounabouts ——- It’s May and Summer Movies Blockbusters Season (yes, I capitalized them) is upon us. Time to go to your local theater. over pay for your tickets, sit, relax and let the sub woofers liquify your ear drums while the lens flare melt your retinas. Do […]

Space for Rent: The Space Between the Creator and the Audience

Tweet of the Day: The Pinnacle of Fanservice. A Citadel DLC Review. ——- Let us, yes you and I, engage in a simple exercise. Take a pamphlet or flyer, like the ones the hand out at the mall or stick under your car windshield. Then take a book from your collection, preferably a hard bound […]

Space for Rent: Not all things digital are the same

  ——- A week or so ago I came across a blog post that made some very facile comparisons between e-book piracy and other forms of digital piracy. But like many anti-piracy advocates the argument boiled down to, “Piracy is bad, ummkay!” while completely ignoring the fact that the only thing these different forms of […]

Lessons from the Aether: Grand Theft Auto and Immersive Narratives

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation -13a ——- The moment video games entered the scene they competed with television and movies for a audience share.  Unlike movies and television, video games promised something more: Interactivity. The inherent promise of video games was that you could do more than just watch your hero on the […]

Space for Rent: The Fiction of the White Interpreter

Tweet of the Day: Oscar loves a white savior ——- Reading the article I linked to above (the Tweet of the Day) got me thinking that a) this is a writing blog and b) that not all tropes are good. That means that I should, once in awhile, write post related to writing in general. […]

TV Tropes Mondays: Suburbia

Tweet of the Day: She Saved the World A Lot ——- The Burbs, The Suburbs, Edgetowns, Levitttowns, A car, 2.5 kids and a dog on the yard, High school dances, PTA meetings, stay at home moms, working dads, supermoms, stay at home dads, Family values, family dysfunction, the odd serial killer, pedophile or dark cult. […]

Lessons from the Aether: Alien, Aliens, Jaws and Monstrous Shadows

Tweet of the Day:  Ruthless Writing: Make Your Characters Hate You ——– These two horror movie classic from the late 70’s have one thing in common. They don’t show the monster until the very end. In the case of Jaws it was due to the fact that they could never get the mechanical shark to […]

Space for Rent: Video Games as Art

Tweet of the Day: “The Thing in the Crypt”: The Interactive Adventure Game! ——– This is a derailed post. Let me explain. Right now, on my wordpress draft folder sits a post titled “Space for Rent: I Failed the Bechdel Test” which has to do with, what else, the Bechdel Test, why I failed it […]