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Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: Alliance Space Aflame

ANN Headlines Now April 15, 2198 Frontier Aflame By Iris Dunnigan MILGROM, BEKENSTEIN– Multiple flashpoints erupted during the past week across Alliance space. From attacks by biotically infused insects to clashes with pirate fleets, a deluge of bad news hit the Prime Ministers desk: Minister Hackett announced deployments of Alliance Marine brigades to the affected colonies […]

Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: Biotic Bugs Infest Colonies

ANN News Desk On Location on the colony world of Martel April 12, 2198 Biotic Bugs Infest Colonies by Paul Wolfram Patrice Province, Martel – <The scene opens with a human correspondent in an ANN news studio> “We now bring you a live report from the colony of Martel. Paul, can you tell us the […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 5 (c.4): News

War Room of the SSV Kurks SR-3, In low orbit over Ludwika, Isseo system, Maroon Sea Cluster, April 11, 2198 The chief communications tech spoke up, “Commander, incoming shuttle from the surface. ID as a Colonial Defense Force shuttle with one General Skelton aboard. She wishes to come aboard.” “Permission granted. Vega, have marines escort […]