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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News- Shuttle Bomb Swarm Hits Chav

ANN News Desk

On location in Chav

May 16, 2198

Shuttle Bomb Swarm Hits Chav

by Lionel Storm

NEW BRISTOL, CHAV– Twenty hours ago hundreds of explosive laden civilian vehicles struck military and civilian installations across Chav’s northern hemisphere. The so called “Shuttle Bomb Swarm” hit multiple isolated installations. Each swarm contained several waves of explosive ladened VI operated vehicles that crashed into their targets.

One such target was the Regional Defense Station of Low Valley. The station with its joint Alliance/ CPM (Chav Planetary Militia) garrison guards the Low Valley area known as the planetary breadbasket. It provides 50% of the colony’s foodstuffs in the form of wheat, rye, corn, and rice fields. At 03:33 hrs. local, the first wave of shuttle bombs crashed into the outer perimeter of base. The survivors erected kinetic barriers around the base’s central structures and repositioned the reminder of their air defense systems in a ring around the central headquarters building. For more than three hours dozens of car and truck bombs attempted to blast their way through to the militia’s HQ with little success. The attacks stopped once an alliance marine task force reached the beleaguered defenders.

The colonial government has not released any official estimates of casualties but reports from regional hospitals claimed that they were swamped with casualties and at least one morgue rented several portable refrigeration units to keep up with the demand. 

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