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Weekedn Roundup: November 24-30

Tweet of the Day: False Equivalency: Selfies and Diversity in SFF ——– <Looks at the calendar> Oh, boy! The year, the year she is gone already! I expect it will start to snow soon on my blog (it’s a WordPress thing). That might also explain my sudden impulse to write short stories.  Long time readers […]

Space for Rent: The White Savior in Video Games

Tweet of the Day: In Humility and Privilege ——– Yes, I just noticed this trend. What trend am I talking about? The White Savior trend in video games where in a white male hero swoops in  and saves the day. Now, the easy and lazy explanation for this phenomenon is that most game designers are […]

Mass Effect AEC/ANN Entertaiment News: Champions of the Terminus

Tweet of the Day: Holy War in The Song of Roland: The ‘Mythification’ of History ——— From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk October 3, 2196 “Champions of the Terminus” by Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – Star Wolf Productions announced a new mid-season replacement for their Spring/Autumn (see extranet Link- Earth Global Calendar) lineup, “Champions of the […]

TV Tropes Monday: Warrior Prince

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 8.47: Roguishness with Scott Lynch ——- The Warrior Prince is someone of royal blood (or its in-universe equivalent) who earns or maintains his privilege by taking to the field of battle. He proves his worth by commanding troops in combat and being at least within weapons range of the […]

Wolf’s Night

Tweet of the Day: Did people in the Middle Ages take baths? ——– Winter of the Year of Our Lord 876, Somerset Levels, Somerset, Kingdom of Wessex Olaf watched the impenetrable darkness. The cold air that blew from the sea across the marshes whipped his blond hair. The rest of the war band sat close […]

Weekend Roundup: November 17-23 + Bonus Content

Tweet of the Day: The Archeology of a Dress ——- Life, life gets in the way. That and a persistent cough. So, another painfully short week of posting, but post I did and thus I must dutifully give you links to said post in case you missed anything: Sun: Sunday Treat- Age of the Vikings […]

TV Tropes Monday: Full-Circle Revolution

Tweet of the Day: Romance and Fantasy ——– It is easier to destroy a thing than to build it. So it is with this trope. Often revolutions, specially in modern times, have lofty ideals but actually change nothing. One thing is to take down a government, specially a weak or unpopular one, but what comes […]

Sunday Treat: Age of the Vikings

Tweet of the Day: Comic Dreams ——– The British in general and the English in particular have a fascination with the Vikings that may eclipse the interest shown by the Nordic peoples who descend from the Vikings.  And why not? The Vikings shaped what it is to be English. It was the Vikings who conquered […]

Weekend Roundp: November 10-16

Tweet of the Day: Wood: The Truth. You Decide. ——– A proper weekend roundup? Well, the closest thing I managed in the last couple of weeks at least. While the flu came and went quickly, I still have a lingering cough, troublesome but hardly lethal or contagious. So I’m not back at 100% but I’m […]

Space for Rent: Why Do We Crave the Evil Horde?

  War permeates most of our modern media, from news to video games. And why not, war is conflict in is most raw sense, a fight for survival that either makes or breaks a character. Yet, all too often the enemy is a faceless horde from Tolkien’s orcs to Card’s buggers to Romero’s zombies. A […]