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Why you should avoid “sex scenes”

So you’re reading along, engrossed in the action when all of the sudden, bang! The lights go out and you hear strange music in your mind (bow,chicka,bowow!)…errm, sorry that was my Libido (Hi folks!). Yes you just stumbled over the dreaded “sex scene”! As a rule I avoid them (the old pan up to the […]

Writer’s Blogs and a Contest!

Hello again fellow scribes! First off I have two more blogs to recommend today: Medieval Soul/Postmodern World (actual title): By Nancy Hightower. Breezy atmosphere and cool crowd. Go check it out. The Writing Runner: A cool blog by a writer and a runner (like the title did not clue you in on that one). Talking […]

BSG was not the best show on television.

And if it was, then American television sucks! “What are you talking about?” “Battlestar Galactica was the best show on….” No it was not. I say this as a disgruntled fan. I abandoned the show when the humans decended to Hell, or should I say New Caprica. Until that moment I defended the show every […]