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Wizards’ World War

What happens when the Masquerade falls apart and the Unseen World of wizards and witches is revealed.


Multiple actors struggle to destroy their enemies, whether real or imagine, and seize control of ancient powers unleashed.

Enter the world of The Wizards’ World War.


Season 1

Dispatch 1Dispatch 2 Dispatch 3Dispatch 4 Dispatch 5 Dispatch 6Dispatch 7Dispatch 8Dispatch 9Dispatch 10Dispatch 11Dispatch 12 Dispatch 13  Dispatch 14Dispatch 15Dispatch 16Dispatch 17Dispatch 18Dispatch 19Dispatch 20Dispatch 21 Dispatch 22Dispatch 23Season 1 Finale


Season 2

Dispatches:  12345678910111213141516 1718 192021222324 25

Season Finale


Season 3

Season Premiere 

Dispatches: 123 –  45678  –  9  – 10111213141516 171819a19b 19c19d20 21222324252627282930


Season 4

Dispatches: 12345 – 6


Present Day, Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 1st 10:07 A.M.

I walked around the checkpoint manned by three soldiers. Ricardo did the same on the other side. The soldiers chatted among themselves.

“So Marty, are you ready for the Fourth?” asked the one manning the heavy machine gun.

“Yeah. Got the new grill and I have just wait for pay day to buy the burgers and meat,” said another reading a book.

I pulled the pistols from their holsters. The wood felt comfortable in my hands. A feeling that clashed with what I was about to do. I pulled the triggers. A flash of white smoke appeared, with little recoil and no report.

“But-” the words from the third soldier were cut short by the sight of gaping wounds in his comrades heads. He fumbled with his rifle, all color drained from his face, “What the f-” Ricardo left hand grabbed  the soldier’s chin and pulled back. His right sliced the target’s neck open with a curved blade. The body slid away, revealing a psychotic smile on Ricardo’s rakish face.

“Samara, how are we doing?”

She appeared beside me, “Few minds around to notice.”

“I’m sure the silencing charm on your guns helped,” said Ricardo.

“Stop wasting time,” I said.

“Sure thing boss.” Ricardo uncorked a vial. Three wisps of smoke slithered out of it and into the corpses mouths. The bodies jerked and rose. The wounds resealed, although the spirits could not erase the blood and gore from the scene. Three pairs of dull eyes focused on Ricardo. “Allow anyone not wearing an uniform to pass. Anyone in uniform is fair game.” The three corpses nodded.

“How long?” I asked.

“Until dawn. Should be plenty of time.” He looked at me, “What? You worried about these weekend soldiers?” He pointed to the book on the floor.

I opened it on the bookmarked page. On the top left corner a note read, “Obey thy Lord.” An arrow pointed at a highlighted passage.

Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch to Live

“Okay, Samara, send the signal and reestablish the field around us.” We walked away, cloaked in Samara’s illusion.

Mission accomplished.


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