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TV Tropes Monday: Our Dwarves Are All The Same

Tweet of the Day: Inappropriate Nice Guys


Welcome to your Standard Fantasy Setting. Everything here is vaguely Western European Medieval, with Kings and Queens, Swords and Sorcery and everything in between.

Here you have the your Elves, that run the gamut from ethereal tree dwelling bow wielding remnants of Celtic lore to spoiled urban narcissist with a penchant for looking down on others down their thin if ever elegant noses.

Humans, of course, are every where, do almost everything and rule the world by sheer tenacity even if it always seems to be on the brink of being destroyed by a mad god or wayward ancient power.

What about the dwarves?

What about them?

Well, our dwarves, they…ummn, you see Our Dwarves Are All The Same.

But why?

My guess is that outside of Tolkien/D&D, there are few references for this particular race. Even in the Nordic sources, the difference between dwarves and “dark elves” is a bit muddy. Humans of a relative small stature abound in myths and legends, but as a distinct race they are few and far between. They also serve as a corner stone (no pun intended) of a setting. You can change almost anything, but you need a fixture that a reader unfamiliar with your work can gravitate to,and it seems that the hard working yet greedy dwarves fit the bill.


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