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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Immu Returns to the Citadel

From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk February 23, 2198 Immu Returns to the Citadel By Joan Calder THE PRESIDIUM TOWER,THE CITADEL– Immu, the last survivor of the Lengk civilization (see: Ancient Synthetic Found in Ruins), returned to the Citadel after a multi-colony tour of Citadel space. On their return they requested a hearing with the Committee […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Theocracy Leader’s Found Guilty

ANN News Desk From Alliance News HQ in Vancouver February 21, 2198 Theocracy’s Leadership Found Guilty of Crimes Against Sapience By Iris Dunnigan PROGRESS, THEOCRACY OF LIBERTAS – After a week-long trial seventeen top officials of the former Theocracy of Libertas were found guilty of over one hundred charges each. The list of charges include: Murder Torture Slavery […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 1 (c.4): Heartbeats

Shuttle 1 en route to the SSV Kurks SR-3, Todacrux, Millerovo System, Maroon Sea Nebular, February 19, 2198  Miranda drifted in and out of consciousness as the shuttle fled the pirate station en route to the Kursk. “Her vitals are stable, jefe. I’m sure the doc will be able to get her on her feet […]